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  • How to write a home improvement worker contract?

    Sample of home renovation contract Client (Party A): Undertaker (Party B): Project: After friendly negotiation and negotiation between Party A and Party B, Party A decides to entrust Party B to decorate the room. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations, this contract (including the annex to this contract and all supplementary contracts) is hereby signed for common compliance. Article 1: Project Overview Project address:____________________...

  • What should be paid attention to in the home furnishings Feng Shui knowledge?

    It should be noted that no matter which room lamp is used, whenever the bulb is broken, it must be replaced with a new one in time, otherwise the fortune obstacle will definitely occur.

  • What problems should be paid attention to when installing water and electricity knowledge? What problems should be paid attention to when installing water and electricity knowledge.

    There are many places to pay attention to hydropower, you can go to the residential decoration construction specifications to see the construction standards of hydropower

  • What are the top ten brands of Chinese solid wood staircases in 2013?

    1Nature (China's 500 Most Valuable Brands, China's Famous Brand, National Standard Drafting Unit for Flooring Industry, Top Ten Wood Flooring Brands, Nature Home (China) Co., Ltd.) , China environmental label certification, the drafting unit of the national standard for wooden flooring, Anhui Yangzi Flooring Co., Ltd.

  • What are the basic knowledge of buying a house, and what are the points of knowledge to buy?

    There are many basic knowledge of buying a house, for example: What are the forms of the structure of a house? How is the sales area of a commercial house calculated? What is the built-up area in a building area? Is the practical rate? What is the building floor area ratio, building density and greening rate? Explanation of terms: What are the forms of the structure of low-rise, small high-rise, multi-storey, small plate high-rise, jump-level, duplex house? How to calculate the sales area of commercial housing .. .

  • Novice home improvement knowledge-construction site

    After signing the contract, the decoration has only begun to enter the substantive construction phase. You can see that your house has new changes every day. At this time, there is obviously more dealing with the construction team. Have a proper understanding of their job responsibilities,

  • Full knowledge of home improvement knowledge

    On March 30th, 365 home improvement class Guo Daoqing, the head of Jinyang Decoration, who has many years of practical experience in the industry, analyzed the whole process of home improvement for netizens. He focused on how to design home decoration and how to perform sub-item acceptance of hidden projects. .

  • Sunny Xiangmi Lake, Lake View, Ocean View, Yingjia City, Home Improvement Knowledge Lecture, Saturday and Sunday

    In the first autumn of October, the Thanksgiving Season for Real Estate was launched. Sunshine Xiangmihu launched the classic reserved units—110㎡ and 126㎡, Guanhu Lake and Sanhaiju, which are distributed on the 10 #, 12 natural water lake buildings along 20,000㎡. # 和 13 #, the exclusive project * core landscape resources-Xiangmihu Lakeview Resources and Jiaozhou Bay Seaview Resources, are rare high-quality products of "Lake View and Sea View".

  • Novice home improvement knowledge-necessary nouns

    Decoration is not a simple matter. Especially for novices who have never experienced it, so many people will make up for the decoration knowledge on the Internet before decoration. The following is an explanation of the necessary terms summarized for everyone. It can also be considered as the first step in decoration literacy.

  • Home improvement knowledge

    After entering the twilight years, many changes will occur from psychological to physical. To design the furnishings of the elderly room, we must first understand these changes and the characteristics of the elderly. In order to adapt to these changes, the elderly room should be specially arranged and decorated.

  • Home improvement knowledge hall: coup to save the floor after soaking in water

    Editor's note: What should I do if my floor is soaked in water? Don't worry, I have a way to bring the floor back to life. Check out the recipe below!

  • Home improvement knowledge has long known that decoration novices must know the decoration taboos

    Novices in decoration often don't know what are the decoration taboos, and blindly decorate them, which leads to violation of the decoration taboos and can not obtain satisfactory decoration effects. So what are the decoration taboos? Only by knowing these decoration taboos can you prevent them in advance and make a satisfactory home. Then I can summarize these decoration taboos for you.

  • Waterfront Flower City Home Improvement Knowledge Lecture June 30

    Recently, the small-scale high-end group A4 of Shui'an Huacheng has been completely delivered, which means that many happy families will move into their new homes and share the happy and warm community life of Shui'an Huacheng. As for the owners who have entered the renovation phase after receiving the house, in addition to being happy, how to renovate the house into their desired happy residence has also become a major issue for them.

  • Home Improvement Knowledge Hall: How to detect formaldehyde yourself

    The World Health Organization listed the performance of 10 types of indoor pollution in the "World Health Report 2002". You can check whether there are any of them:

  • Home improvement knowledge: Several key points for summer decoration

    Due to the hot summer weather, special attention should be paid to its bonding strength and stability and initial dry crack resistance when treating interior wall coatings. After careful observation and detailed time recording, compare before and after. Grasp the changes and take precautions.

  • Atrium Mercure Industrial Road Store will hold home improvement knowledge training and exchange tea party

    It is reported that since its opening on November 24, Atrium Mercure Building Materials Industrial Plaza Industrial Road Store has been committed to better serve the owners with its excellent geographical location. Relevant person in charge of Atrium Mercure said that in order to let the decoration owners know when they are renovating and not be fooled by bad organizations, they will hold a home improvement knowledge training and tea party once a week starting from December 15 to teach the owners Master the key points of decoration. From now on, owners can join the event for free as long as they follow Atrium Mercure Weibo and @ 10 friends.

  • Precautions for laying and installing solid wood flooring in home improvement knowledge hall

    In the floor decoration construction, there are many problems in the laying of solid wood flooring. Therefore, in the construction of solid wood flooring, you must supervise the workers to follow the "six steps" of solid wood flooring construction.

  • Home improvement knowledge: post-holiday repairers pay attention to details

    This Saturday and Sunday will enter the Spring Festival holiday. According to reporters, in general, home improvement constructors will not return to Beijing until the fifteenth of the first month of the lunar calendar. When the work resumes at the end of the holiday, the owner not only needs to do a good job with the home improvement company. In connection with the communication, we must also pay attention to the progress of the project at different stages to avoid problems after completion and leave safety risks.

  • Sunny Xiangmi Lake, Lake View, Sea View, Big Three Residence, Golden Autumn Specials, Lectures on Urban Home Furnishing Knowledge

    In October, the first thanksgiving season for home purchases was set up in October, and Sunny Xiangmi Lake was due for delivery. 10.14 Sunny Xiangmi Lake is to give back to the owners, solve the problems and doubts of the owners in the decoration, and work with Beijing's well-known decoration company to solve their doubts.

  • Misfits for decorating cats

    During the decoration, due to the particularity of materials or workmanship, in the case of qualified materials and construction specifications, some problems may occur during the decoration process. For example, in order to prevent potential safety hazards in the future, the construction party insists on straight lines when laying circuits. The owner will mistakenly believe that the construction company is doing this to increase revenue. Problems similar to this may affect the relationship between the owner and the construction party, which is not conducive to construction.

  • Home improvement knowledge quickly removes the smell of new house decoration to ensure health and environmental protection

    Editor's note: After a new house is renovated, there will always be a pungent smell. How can you remove the smell of new house decoration? In fact, there are many ways to quickly remove the effect of the decoration taste. Let you stop worrying about Bibi taste.

  • Home improvement knowledge center learn how to maintain solid wood furniture

    Editor's note: How to maintain solid wood furniture? Xiaobian will help you. Is your furniture not as good as it was then and creeping up with "wrinkles"? How to maintain solid wood furniture? Don't worry, as long as you maintain the furniture according to the reporter's method, your solid wood furniture will be able to stay young forever.

  • Jiakai City · Times City · Emerald County Garden Home Improvement Knowledge Lecture

    Jiakai City · Times City · Emerald County Garden Home Improvement Knowledge Lecture

  • Novice home improvement knowledge-construction contract

    Decoration is inevitable to deal with decoration companies. Generally speaking, signing a decoration contract signifies that the service agreement between the two parties is officially in effect. However, the significance of the contract is far from this. Many disputes arising from the decoration construction are mostly due to the irregularity of contract signing,

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