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  • How to arrange the home switch socket? I'm working as a plumber. How can I arrange the switch socket for home improvement?

    Home decoration switch and socket layout in each room Bedroom: socket 1, bedside 2, TV 3, empty ...

  • What are the detailed points about the hydropower project in the Wuxi home improvement matters?

    Pay attention to many details

  • My house was renovated, and when the electrician walked the wires to the end with more than one meter left, I found that there was no wire tube. I would go ...

    Uh no. . Just bury the line in?

  • How does the Shanghai home improvement plumber charge have owners in Shanghai, ask what is the Shanghai home improvement plumber charge; if ...

    According to the current wage, it is generally more than 20 yuan per square meter, and this is a common installation method; while some are calculated according to the daily wage, which depends on local conditions.

  • May I ask if any Shanghai decoration company needs a plumber, I have been engaged in hydropower for five years and am proficient in home improvement and tooling. Hydropower ...

    You can go to the decoration online to find a company consultation!

  • What are the basics of home improvement electricians

    Hydropower is the source of modern people's survival. Therefore, architects must install hydropower when building houses. Therefore, water and electricity decoration is very important for the entire home improvement. The following editors will introduce the basic knowledge of water and electricity installation for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to friends.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of home improvement waterproofing

    New house decoration must inevitably undergo hydropower transformation, which will definitely destroy the waterproof layer made by the original developer. In order to strengthen the waterproof setting, protect property safety, and avoid neighborhood disputes, new house decoration must be waterproof.

  • Four inspections to complete the acceptance inspection of home improvement electrical engineering to ensure safe power consumption

    The acceptance of home improvement electrical engineering is related to the safety and convenience of electricity use in the future, so it must not be careless. The acceptance inspection of electrical engineering is mainly composed of four parts: electrical box, electrical appliance, switch and socket. Let's take a look at the specific acceptance method together.

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