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  • How to decorate living room bedroom with fabric curtains? The dark purple down fabric sofa in my living room is white on the wall and milk on the floor ...

    1. Living room: Unless your style is idyllic, it is recommended to choose simple patterns such as "static color", "stripe" or geometry. This looks atmospheric and looks good. If you use static color, you can choose by The texture of the fabric, or dark flowers, jacquard, etc. to achieve changes. In terms of color, "If the sofa in the living room is a fabric sofa, then it is best to use the same series, that is the perfect match. If it's leather, then if the sofa is cold, curtains ...

  • How to clean the cloth sofa cover Have you ever been troubled by this, how to clean the cloth sofa cover?

    Not all of the poor quality sets can be removed, depending on the material, some can be machine washed by themselves, some must be washed by hand, and some can only be dry cleaned.

  • There is a set of fabric sofas bought by all friends at home. It has been used for two years and has not been cleaned. How can this be cleaned? Yes...

    It feels troublesome to clean the cloth sofa, it seems to use a special cleaner. I remember that Quanyou recently had a free maintenance event. Or you can contact them to try it.

  • How to take care of fabric furniture?

    Removable, you can choose to directly disassemble and clean. Non-removable cloth sofa cleaning methods: First, dust cleaning: first use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the cloth sofa table, and then gently wipe with a towel. Remember not to scrub with a large amount of water, lest water penetrate into the sofa and cause the side frame inside the sofa to be damp, deformed, and sand shrink. 2. Cleaning of colored beverages such as coffee: If coffee and other beverages have dripped onto the sofa set, immediately take a towel and dip it in warm water to remove the beverage from ...

  • How to clean fabric sofa?

    For cloth sofas, you can use a special cleaner for sofas or carpets. Dip a small amount of medicine with a clean white cloth and wipe repeatedly on the dirty area until the stains are removed. Do not wipe with a large amount of water to prevent water from penetrating into the inner layer of the sofa, causing the frame inside the sofa to become damp, deformed, The sofa has shrunk, affecting the overall appearance of the sofa. Non-same sofa masks are provided for life. You can also clean it yourself. Cloth sofas can be patted with dry towels during normal maintenance, and vacuumed at least once a week. Pay special attention to removing ...

  • Which floor is good to buy a house? How should I choose?

    The first is lighting. The height of the surrounding floors must be considered. Our northern hemisphere has a short period of light in the winter, the shortest day of the winter solstice, and the smallest angle of illumination. We must consider that the light can also enter the room in winter. The height of the floor should meet the lighting needs

  • How to choose a house in Zhongshan?

    The choice of money is definitely right!

  • Xianghe Real Estate 丨 What is the mortgage interest? How to calculate the mortgage interest?

    What does a mortgage loan mean? A mortgage loan refers to a type of loan business conducted in the form of a mortgage. For example, a housing mortgage loan is a type of personal housing loan business where home buyers use the purchased home as a collateral and provide real-time guarantees by the real estate company that buys the home.

  • Buying a house in Binzhou: How to choose surrounding facilities when buying a house?

    How to choose surrounding facilities when buying a house in Binzhou? Do you know these things?

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