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  • How to write an application to repair a house?

    House repair application report ** Property management company: * # 楼 * The roof of the unit is leaking, apply for repair. Applicant: *** * year * month * day Note: 1. Write down when you are the homeowner, when you bought it, the house maintenance fund has been paid, and the property management fee has been paid for several months. 2. Indicate the quality of the house, such as when cracks appeared, what problems occurred, how much the problem affects your life, how long and how wide the cracks, you have taken ...

  • How do I apply for a maintenance fund if my house is leaking?

    According to the "Interim Provisions on the Management of the Use of Special Maintenance Funds for Commercial Housing in Wuhan", all public maintenance funds paid by developers and buyers must be in place. Before use, the community's owners 'meeting and owners' committee will make unified decisions. The application procedure is: the owner's committee will publicize the maintenance project and budget in the community. After more than two-thirds of the owners vote and agree, they will apply to the district real estate bureau. After the application is approved, the total budget will be allocated to 80. ..

  • Can my house leak water to allow the property management to apply for a house maintenance fund to repair it?

    Only a leak on the roof of the top owner can apply for maintenance funds. If the house is not on the top floor, water leaks between floors. If it is within the warranty period, the developer is responsible. After the warranty period, the two parties negotiate and the leaking owner is responsible for repairing.

  • Home repair application report template

    1. Do a good job of paying up the maintenance funds of the old residential property. Fully through the owners 'committee and other autonomous organizations, the owners' meeting was convened to actively mobilize the old community to take the initiative to make full and timely payment of property maintenance funds to the escrow department. 2.Strengthen the supervision and management mechanism of the property maintenance fund. It is recommended to set up two positions for the general ledger and cashier for house maintenance funds in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Accounting Law. Comrade Moon is responsible for the cash account. 3 ...

  • There is a water leak on the roof. Can I apply for the Housing Maintenance Fund?

    The housing maintenance fund is used for major repairs, renovations, and renovations after the end of the warranty period for public parts and property public facilities and equipment. Public parts refer to the load-bearing structure part of the property (including internal and external load-bearing walls, columns, beams, floors, roofs, etc.), outdoor walls, halls, stairwells, corridors, etc .; public facilities and equipment refer to the property management area Water pipes, water tanks, pressurization, elevators, antennas, power supply lines, public ...

  • If you have these misunderstandings when applying for a mortgage, you will lose out before you know it!

    In real life, the so-called misunderstanding is that some common sense that you think is actually wrong. In fact, there are also misunderstandings when buying a house on loan. In this era of buying a house, every home buyer is extra cautious before applying for a home loan, for fear that his home loan will be rejected by the bank. However, it is precisely because home buyers are too cautious that they fall into many misunderstandings about home loans.

  • Traffic Police Department: Deadline for applying for temporary information license is May 14

    Yesterday, the author learned from the city's traffic police department that electric bicycles have begun to register. Since April 8, more than 90,000 electric bicycles have been registered on the “Lianyungang Traffic Police” WeChat public account platform. The traffic police department reminded the public that the application of the old national standard electric bicycle was closed on April 15th, but the deadline for applying for a temporary information license was May 14th, so the public did not have to gather to apply for registration.

  • The second phase of Baoding's limited-price commercial housing Yufeng Garden starts to apply for a maximum price of 8,728 yuan!

    The application process for the second phase of the Yufeng Garden Phase II project of the limited-price commercial housing in Baoding has been initiated. . The project is located in the south of Agricultural Research Institute Road, east of Yonghua Street in Lianchi District.

  • Traffic Police Department: Deadline for applying for temporary information license is May 14

    The application for the old national standard electric bicycle was closed on April 15th, but the deadline for applying for a temporary information license was May 14th, so the citizens do not have to gather together to apply for registration.