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  • How to write a rural house inheritance agreement?

    It is the confirmation of the division of inheritance. The relevant heirs clearly define the division plan in written form.

  • How to write a rural land transfer agreement? Who has a model?

    Rural homestead cannot be transferred, and the agreement is invalid. "Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 62 A rural villager can only own one house site, and the area of the house site must not exceed the standard stipulated by the province, autonomous region, or municipality. Rural villagers should build houses in accordance with the general plans for township (town) land use, and try to use the original house sites and vacant land in the village. Rural villagers' residential land is subject to review by the township (town) people's government.

  • Can rural houses be bought and sold? What should be paid attention to when buying and selling rural houses?

    The sale of rural houses is a relatively complicated issue. As there are no very clear rules in the law, different localities have different jurisprudence in determining the validity of rural house sales contracts. When buying a rural house, you need to think carefully, and you also need to consider what the usual jurisprudence is everywhere. If necessary, consult a local real estate lawyer to get a clearer picture of the local situation and the prospects for buying and selling rural homes. I. Can rural houses be bought and sold? As we all know, rural houses ...

  • What is the current rural house buying and selling policy? What are the rules?

    According to Article 63 of the "Land Management Law": "The right to use collectively owned land of farmers cannot be transferred, transferred or leased for non-agricultural construction." A rural villager can only apply for one house site, and a farmer house site The right of use is linked to the qualifications of the members of the collective economic organization because the villagers obtained it for free based on their identity. To a certain extent, the homestead has the functions of social welfare and social security. So, the rural house homestead can be in this ...

  • Can rural houses be bought and sold? Is it legal to buy or sell rural houses?

    It can be bought and sold, but it is impossible for you to apply for a homestead. The village committee has the legal basis of the 1998 Land Management Law, which stipulates that farmers who apply for a homestead after renting or selling their houses will not be approved. While restricting the use of collective land use rights-while collective land use rights must not be used for non-agricultural construction, the owner of the right to the use of house sites is allowed to rent or sell the buildings on the ground.

  • Model Rural House Sales Contract

    Model Rural House Sales Contract

  • What are the contents of the rural house sale transaction tax? How should transaction tax be calculated?

    In recent years, with the rapid decline of the rural population, more and more rural areas have become elderly villages and hollow villages, and most of the rural young adults will go to school or work, which also leads to the sale of rural houses. Various types of urban marginalization, such as house renovation, have become more common in rural areas, and the sale of rural houses has attracted much attention. Everyone knows that there is a certain transaction tax payable for buying and selling urban houses. What about rural houses?

  • How to sign a house sale agreement in house sale

    Buying and selling, there has been such a trading behavior since ancient times. If anyone buys it, naturally someone will sell it! Nowadays, when developers build houses everywhere, there is naturally someone to sell them! So, when we buy and sell second-hand housing, how to sign the "Sale Agreement"?