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  • Store lease contract expires, is it possible for landlord to refund the deposit

    For general tenants, the increase will be 10% to 20% every year.

  • What should be paid attention to in the Shenzhen store rental contract template?

    Sample shop lease contract: It's okay to open up the terms clearly, as long as there are no vague words.

  • What is the reason to bring a storefront rental contract for a business license?

    The owner needs to provide relevant documents such as a copy of ID card and real estate certificate

  • What should be written in the store lease contract?

    The leaser of the facade leasing contract (hereinafter referred to as Party A): the lessee (hereinafter referred to as Party B): In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China", after friendly negotiation between the two parties, Party A leased the facade house it owned to Party B The following agreements were reached: 1. Description of the leased facade 1. Party A leased the house on the street number facade to Party B for operation. The facade has a total construction area of square meters. 2.Party A must guarantee complete enjoyment of the rented house ...

  • How to write a template of a storefront lease contract?

    Lessor (hereinafter referred to as Party A): Lessee (hereinafter referred to as Party B): Party A is willing to lease the property with its own property to Party B. The two parties entered into this contract in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations, and the details are as follows: The first house is located at the address of the shop rented by Party A: No., the building area is square meters. Article 2 Lease Term Lease _____ years, since _____ years __month __...

  • What is the Guilin housing lease contract? Want to rent out a house

    Guilin Rental Contract 1. Housing situation: The house leased by Party A to Party B is located in _________ District, Guilin City, _____ Road, No. _____ Room _____. 2. The measured construction area of the house for rent is ____ square meters, the use of the house is ____, the type of house is __________, and the structure is ____________. 3.The existing decoration, facilities and equipment of the house ...

  • The public rental house is numbered as a physical allocation. When can I sign a lease contract?

    You go to the local affordable housing office to learn about it or go to the neighborhood committee.

  • Store lease contract should pay attention to how to write a shop lease contract

    In the store lease contract, we must pay attention to the payment method and payment time of the rent, the store area, the rent-free decoration period, the lease and the liability for breach of contract. And how to write a shop lease contract, this article has written out specific issues for everyone.

  • Pay attention to the store lease contract? How to calculate the store lease tax

    More and more people are on the road to entrepreneurship, but entrepreneurship is not as simple as imagined.It requires not only passion but also dreams. What is needed is the calmness and the effort that should be saved, especially in More patience is needed when leasing a store, so pay attention to the store lease contract? How to calculate the store rental tax

  • What to pay attention to in store lease contracts? How to write a contract

    With the increasing awareness of law, in our daily life we pay more and more attention to protecting our rights and obligations, but there is an obligation to protect our rights. Although our consciousness is constantly increasing, we will slowly discover The premise of rights and obligations is that their own contracts must be signed and completed. So what should be paid attention to in the store lease contract? How to write a contract on the lease front?

  • What to pay attention to in store lease contracts? Contract format for retail lease contracts

    What we often say is that the essence is not bought, but what scenario should the two sellers meet? How the two sellers meet when leasing at the storefront is actually not who is more savvy, but who is more comprehensive when considering the transaction between the two parties. This is the more important thing. Then what should be paid attention to in the storefront lease contract and the shop lease contract. What should I pay attention to in the contract format?

  • How to share the liability for invalid loss of store lease contract

    [Case Brief] A market service company intends to turn the open space on the side of the market in a busy area of a large community into a specialty snack street. * It has built dozens of store houses and issued advertisements for rent and investment. In June last year, the lessee Wang Mou signed a "House Rental Contract" with the market company. It is agreed that Wang will rent a 180-square-meter house in the store for catering operations.

  • What are the office lease contracts

    According to the relevant provisions of the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China", Party A is willing to rent a private building located at 601, 6th Floor, Unit 4, No. 53, Changqing Petrochemical District, Chaoyang Road, Weicheng District, Xianyang, to Party B for a monthly rent of only the unit office Use.

  • House lease contract (simple and practical)

    House lease contract (simple and practical).

  • 273 contracts dug out 744 overlord clauses how to change the second-hand housing sale and lease contract

    273 contracts dug out 744 overlord clauses how to change the second-hand housing sale and lease contract

  • Hebei releases model contract for affordable housing leases

    The core of affordable housing management in Hebei Province issued the "Model Text of Hebei Province's affordable housing lease contract", which clarifies the rights and responsibilities of common problems in the actual operation of affordable housing leases in Hebei cities, further regulates the behavior of affordable housing leases, and legally guarantees leases. Party and lessee rights

  • Model of commercial housing lease contract

    1. Party A leases the square of the house located to Party B for use, and the lease period is from year to day.

  • Low-rent housing lease contract should be clear

    Circumstances in which renting in kind is stopped, including if the lessee has not met the stipulated conditions, the low-rented rented house is rented, re-rented, or repurposed, and there is no valid reason to live in the low-rented rented house for 6 consecutive months Low-rent housing rents were not paid.

  • What to note when signing an apartment rental contract

    Are university student apartment rental contracts with university students exempt from stamp duty?

  • Beijing housing lease contract (personal version)

    Party A and Party B have inspected the house and ancillary items, equipment and facilities, and the use of water and electricity, and have checked out. Responsibility for expenses and return of the house, its attached items, equipment and facilities □ No disputes / □ Attach the following instructions