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  • What procedures are required to sign a house lease contract?

    1. Copy of ID card 2. Introduction letter of the work unit 3. Introduction letter of migrant worker from his home address

  • What is the acceptance specification for cantilever scaffolding? Please talk about it in detail.

    After the cantilever scaffold is set up, it should be inspected and accepted according to the following standards: 1) the structure of the frame meets the requirements of the construction plan, and the size changes of individual parts should be within the allowed adjustment range; 2) the nodes are securely connected and reliable. The tightening degree of the fasteners should be controlled to a torque of 40N.m ~ 60N.m, the welding quality of all welding parts should be reliable, the embedment of the embedded parts should meet the design requirements and have sufficient strength, and the joints of the steel wire rope should be reliable; 3 ...

  • How much should the scaffolding be above the floor?

    1.2m above the working surface. The outrigger scaffold should be heightened as the structure rises, and it should be kept above 1.20m on the working surface. With the rise of the outrigger, a safety net is installed on the outside of the scaffold, and the knot is firmly secured. . External scaffolding refers to scaffolding erected on the periphery of a building. External scaffolding is widely used. A variety of floor-type external scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, pick-up scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, etc. are generally used outside the building ...

  • What are the renting procedures and precautions for renting a house?

    Housing leasing contract (Housing leasing contract) refers to the agreement that the lessor provides the house to the lessee for use, the lessee regularly pays the agreed rent, and when the contract ends, the house is returned to the lessor intact. The house lease contract follows the general contract format. The contract content should include the personal information of the parties to the house lease, the situation of the house to be leased, and the rights and obligations of the parties to the lease ...

  • How long can the renter default on the rent to automatically terminate the lease contract?

    The lessee can terminate the lease contract if it has accumulated arrears of rent for six months.

  • Qinhuangdao Real Estate Knowledge: You can check out the following six situations even if you sign a contract, do you know

    Many people feel unsuitable after buying a house, but want to check out without knowing what to do. Under normal circumstances, once a house sale contract is signed, it must be fulfilled. But if the contract cannot be fulfilled, can the contract be cancelled?

  • What to pay attention to when buying a house contract when only the husband's name is in the house contract

    If you want to buy a house, you will definitely need to sign a house purchase contract. When you sign a house purchase contract, you will usually sign the name of the person who ordered the house. People ’s names, let ’s find out only the husband ’s name and what to pay attention to when signing a house purchase contract.

  • Buying a house in Binzhou: What does it mean to record a house? How to file a house purchase contract?

    With the economic changes, everyone's life has entered a well-off society, and for some richer families, buying a house is a very important thing. Although the current house prices have been increasing, but for them to come It is said that there is no such a heavy burden. If you want to buy, you need to first look at what it means to file a house. In addition, you also need to know how to file a house purchase contract.

  • What does it mean to buy a house for the record? How to file a house purchase contract?

    Buying a house is a very important thing. Although the current house prices have been increasing, it is not a big burden for them. If you want to buy, you need to see what the record of buying a house means first. Know how to file a house purchase contract.