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  • How to write a house lease contract? How to write a facade house lease contract template?

    -------------------------------------- [By law] Decoration in disputes over house lease contracts Disposal of Decoration Fees—Hefei Tiexin Transportation and Trade Co., Ltd. v. Anhui Jinzhu Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. [Lease] In the housing lease contract, if the lessee decorates the leased house, it may Damage to home ownership; on the other hand ...

  • Where can I find a model lease contract in Foshan? Is there an official website?

    Party A (lessor): Party B (lessee): Both parties agree on the basis of equality and willingness to conclude this contract on the following real estate lease matters. Article 1 Party A rents the house (real estate deed number:) located on Foshan City Road to Party B for use. The construction area of the house is square meters and the leased area is square meters. Article 2 Both parties A and B agree to rent the house at a price of RMB per square meter per month, and the total monthly rent is the people ...

  • Individual house lease contract template download

    Download a template of a personal housing lease contract.

  • A sample list of rental contract formats teaches you how to rent a house safely

    How to write a house lease contract, those terms are required, you must pay attention to the contract, beware of being deceived.

  • The template of the standard house lease contract must be written

    In this article, the editor introduced you a sample of a house lease contract, including the basic situation of the house, the lease period, the rent, and the obligations of the lessee. I hope it can help you.

  • How to pay tax on facade lease? What are the precautions for renting facade houses?

    Facade houses are a situation that many people will encounter when leasing. However, it is not easy and willful every time when leasing, because it is not easy to find a long-term leasing person, and once the two parties have reached Certain agreements also need to pay certain taxes and fees, so how to pay taxes on facade leases? What are the precautions for renting facade houses?

  • 2015 personal housing lease contract template

    Lease Contract refers to a contract in which the lessor delivers the leased property to the lessee for use and the lessee pays the rent. Among the parties, the party that uses or has the right to provide the property is the lessor; the party that has the use or the right to lease the property is the lessee.

  • Shop lease contract template

    In accordance with the "People's Republic of China Work Safety Law", "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "People's Republic of China Fire Protection Law" and other relevant regulations, in order to clarify the rights and obligations between Party A and Party B, the two parties agreed to sign this contract.