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  • Is it true that the compensation rate for peasants' land expropriation will increase 10 times?

    The compensation standard for farmers' land requisition is expected to increase by 10 times, so it is just a hope.

  • What are the costs of land acquisition compensation?

    Item 1 of Land Compensation Compensation Fee 1. The land compensation fee is a kind of economic compensation paid by the local collective economic organization to the rural collective economic organization whose land is expropriated due to the economic loss caused by the land acquisition. 2. Compensation for young crops The local unit pays compensation for young crops on the requisitioned land due to land acquisition damages. 3. Compensation for attachments The local unit's attachments to the requisitioned land, such as houses and other facilities, are damaged due to land acquisition ...

  • What are the types of compensation standards for state-owned land acquisition?

    Yesterday, the Land and Urban Construction and Water Bureau of Chancheng District issued an announcement on the west extension of Kuiqi Road, that is, the section from the Great South Bridge to the Rongzhou Road. About 8 mu of state-owned land was acquired, of which the area of the state-owned land was about 12,598 square meters , And announced specific compensation rates for land acquisition. ■ Expropriation scope The expropriation of state-owned land and houses within the expropriation scope of the West Extension of Kuiqi Road is carried out from the section from the Great South Bridge to the Rongzhou Road.

  • In what way will rural land acquisition compensation be compensated?

    It is generally understood that fair compensation is based on the market price at the time of land expropriation or the market price of similar land nearby, but China has special circumstances. Considering that the rural land market in our country has not yet formed, according to the current constitution and relevant laws, direct sale of farmland is prohibited. Therefore, fair compensation should not be simply understood as compensation at market prices, but mainly reflected in land compensation standards. Considering the factors of the annual output value of the original use, ...

  • What is the latest land acquisition compensation standard in 2015

    Compensation for land requisition 1. Compensation standard for requisitioned cultivated land. The average compensation for dry land is 53,000 yuan per mu. The paddy field compensates 90,000 yuan per mu on average. The average compensation for vegetable fields is 150,000 yuan per mu. 2. Compensation standard for basic farmland. The average compensation for dry land is 58,000 yuan per mu. The average compensation for paddy field is 99,000 yuan per mu. The average compensation for vegetable fields is 156,000 yuan per mu. 3. The average compensation per mu for acquisition of forest land and other agricultural land is 13.8 ...

  • Will the increase in land expropriation compensation standards promote a sharp rise in house prices in 2013? Will Guiyang property prices rise in 2013 ...

    If the compensation standard for land expropriation is really increased, the government's land cost will be increased, so that the future land price will change and be converted into the sales price of the house. This may drive future housing prices up. According to the statistics of the building house network of Guiyang City, the price of commercial houses in Guiyang City fluctuated from January to October this year, and the average price fluctuated between 4400 yuan and 4800 yuan per square meter. The industry believes that the sufficient supply of the property market and the need for strong demand are the commercial housing in Guiyang ...

  • What is the compensation standard for farmland acquisition?

    There is no uniform standard across the country, and specific compensation standards are prescribed by provinces and cities. Due to the degree of economic development and location of different regions, the standards are different. Even in the same township, the compensation rates for different plots may be different. "Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 47 For land acquisition, compensation shall be made according to the original purpose of the land acquired. Compensation fees for land acquisition include land compensation fees, resettlement subsidies, and land attachments ...

  • What is the compensation for rural collective land acquisition?

    Compensation for house expropriation on state-owned land and monetization of rural collective land acquisition will further increase housing consumption.

  • What are the regulations on compensation for rural collective land acquisition?

    After the land acquisition plan is approved according to law, it will be organized and implemented by the people's government of the city or county where the land is requisitioned. Time limit for land compensation

  • 2016 land expropriation compensation standard, look at the compensation after your house is demolished

    New standards for house expropriation compensation! Look at the compensation after your house is demolished?

  • Land acquisition compensation standards

    1. Should there be corresponding compensation standards for land acquisition by the state? If so, what is the compensation standard for Bishan County in Anhui Province? 2. What documents should be issued by the Ministry of Land and Resources when the grassroots staff come to collect land?

  • What are the contents of rural land acquisition compensation?

    China stipulates that land requisitions in various places cannot be enforced. If the demands of the masses are reasonable, they must be properly resolved.

  • What is the compensation standard for land acquisition in 2015?

    The term “nail nail households” has been familiar to people across the country in recent years because of the problem of demolition. The reason why nail households have appeared in our country is mostly because there is no agreement between the demolished households and developers on compensation for relocation. So what is the compensation standard for land acquisition in 2015?

  • Regulations on compensation for rural collective land acquisition

    Regulations for compensation for rural collective land acquisition have not been issued for the time being, but according to the relevant provisions of the Implementation Regulations of the Land Management Law, collective land acquisition can be compensated according to the following standards.

  • Regulations on Rural Collective Land Acquisition and Compensation

    According to sources familiar with the Ministry of Land and Resources, the draft land acquisition regulations have been drafted by the Farmland Protection Division of the Ministry of Land and Resources and have been initially completed and transferred to the Policy and Regulation Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources. After the Ministry of Land and Resources solicits opinions from various parties, the regulations will be reported directly to the State Council.

  • What is the compensation standard for land acquisition recently?

    Dear, "What is the meaning of land acquisition compensation in Dongguan? Recently, compensation standards for land acquisition in Dongguan_Real Estate" is great ~ I am also watching and sharing your share, do n’t miss it!

  • Collective land acquisition compensation and transfer requirements

    In general, whoever owns the land certificate represents who has the right to use the land. Of course, there is another situation, which is collective land. As the name implies, collective land does not belong to individuals, but belongs to collectives. Therefore, the right to use collective land is not a single person. So how should the collective land be expropriated and compensated, and what are the requirements for the transfer of collective land?

  • Reform of the land expropriation compensation system is the solution to high housing prices

    At present, the downward pressure on China's economy is still great. In August, the final value of HSBC's PMI fell to 47.6 from 49.3 in July, hitting a 41-month low, and it has been below the line of prosperity for 10 consecutive months. New export orders and employment indexes hit record lows, and corporate inventories climbed to an all-time high since April 2004 with PMI data. The main reason for the decline in PMI was weak external demand, which in turn led to insufficient domestic demand. Institutions predict that there will be no surprises in August's economic data, and the fourth quarter may become a window period for policy introduction.

  • 2016 recent land acquisition compensation and house demolition and resettlement on all land

    Beilun expropriated collectively-owned land, house demolition, resettlement and compensation since May 5, 2016

  • Compensation rates for rural collective land acquisition adjusted every three years

    On November 8th, the reform of the land expropriation system was written into the report of the Party Congress for the first time, which indicates that the party and the state will pay more attention to protecting farmers' land rights and land property rights, that is, farmers will share land after capitalization.