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  • I have a house. The developer did not apply for a real estate certificate and a land certificate. Some friends want to buy it. How do I buy and sell? need...

    The buyer and the seller may first sign the house purchase contract, agree on their respective rights and obligations, and then go to the local notary office to notarize.

  • Can this house be turned into a commercial house? Is there a state-owned land use permit? People who buy a house are worried about this problem, please ...

    This house has a small property right. Where are the developers at the sales office? Go and ask them first.

  • There should be many people who do not know the transfer process of second-hand housing land certificates. Who will explain it? ?

    1. After signing the land contract, the buyer must sign the land transfer contract with the user of the original land certificate after completing the immovable title certificate. Then bring the original and photocopy of the ID card, real estate certificate (copy), original land certificate, contract, deed tax invoice for house transfer, etc. to the surveying and mapping company under the soil management department to apply for surveying and mapping. 2. After the surveying and mapping company's surveying and buying company is waiting for the surveying and mapping company to accept it, it is necessary to take the above materials to the site for investigation, and calculate the data and issue a new survey ...

  • The land we have reclaimed has been planted for more than 20 years. Land tax has been collected before, but there is no land certificate or contract certificate. Now ...

    If he has a land contract, he cannot, but it is best to negotiate with the best interests and settle the law.

  • May I ask whether the developer should pay the cost of the real estate certificate and land use certificate or should the buyer pay for the purchase of a new house? for...

    Paid by the buyer, overhaul fund with a total price of 1%, 7E2%, and 2% tax, probably not calculated for each area.

  • How to process the transfer of state-owned land use rights

    The transfer of state-owned land use right is a limited-term state-owned land use right originally acquired by the land user by paying the transfer fee to the representative of the state-owned land owner. In simple terms, it refers to the act of the state transferring state-owned land use rights to land users within a certain period of time, and the land users pay the state land use right transfer fees. The subject of the transfer of state-owned land use rights is the general subject, domestic and foreign legal persons, unincorporated organizations and nature ...

  • Specific land development processes and related laws and regulations

    Before reporting to the administrative authority for approval, the real estate development company should complete the land transfer procedures, entrust a qualified survey and design institute to conduct research on the construction project and produce a report. It should be accompanied by detailed planning and design parameters and effect diagrams, and implement sufficient Development funds.

  • Specific procedures for auctioning and transferring land use rights

    The government transfers land for operating real estate projects and other competitive projects; 2. Land that was originally approved for allocation or transfer and used for operating real estate projects due to changes in land use and use conditions; 3. Application for auction of land use right transfer for auction Land use method; 4, after the court judges that the auction of land use rights for debt settlement ...