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  • Is the contact information on the individual housing listings intermediary?

    Online listings are issued by brokers, so the existence of published listings cannot be verified, let alone find a way to identify them. You can only refer to the listings released by the broker as a reference. The best way is to find one You think you can trust the broker.

  • Who owns the model contract for personal property mortgage loan?

    Party A (seller): Contractor Party B (buyer): Intermediary of the affiliate: Both parties A and B follow the principles of equality, voluntariness, and good faith, and after agreement, enter into this contract with regard to the following house purchase and sale matters. Article 1 Party A voluntarily sold his judge's property to Party B. Party B has fully understood the specific conditions of the house and has voluntarily bought the house. The condition of the house ...

  • Who owns the template for a personal rental housing contract?

    Hello, you need to pay attention to the following points. The house lease contract refers to the agreement between the house lessor and the lessee on the transfer of the tenure and use rights of the leased house. The content is that the lessor gives the house to the lessee and uses the lessee to pay the agreed rent to the lessor regularly and to return the house intact to the lessor when the agreed period expires or the lease is terminated. The model of a house lease contract is based on the relevant legal provisions of a house lease contract, which generally includes the following elements:

  • What is the model of an individual house purchase contract? What are the specific contents?

    Many people do not know what a house contract looks like when buying or selling a house. Xiaobian comprehensively comprehensive samples of relevant individual purchase contracts, gold for reference. House sales contract contract number: no________ Seller of house sales contract (hereinafter referred to as Party A): ID number: Domicile: Zip code: Telephone: Buyer (hereinafter referred to as Party B): ID number: Domicile: ...

  • What should I pay attention to when renting a house? What should I pay attention to when renting an individual house?

    Recently, our bureau has continuously received complaints from the public that when Xi'an Beichuang Real Estate Marketing Planning Co., Ltd. rents out a house, it promises that the lessee's affairs will not be fulfilled, resulting in damage to the lessee's interests. In view of this situation, our bureau will announce the matters needing attention in the process of renting a house, reminding the general public to keep the following four points in mind when renting a house: 1. Please use a standardized rental contract. We recommend that you use the contract when signing a lease contract. ...

  • How to pay taxes on house rental? Taxes on personal rental houses How to pay taxes on personal rental houses

    It was a good thing to deduct a tax on renting a house, but recently many rents and tenants have been troubled by this. The reason is still the tax, another tax-the tax on renting a house. Declare a tax? The house is not rented. More than one fan "sucked" at us. When they discussed with the landlord that they want to rent a house to deduct a tax and need to fill in the information about the house and the landlord, the landlord rejected it! "The landlord told me straightforwardly, because once this information is filled in, he will have to hand in ...

  • 2015 Kunming personal housing lease contract template

    Renting a house is not an easy task, and signing a contract is a lot of ways. Give a template to let everyone take less detours.

  • How to calculate the housing rental tax? Taxes on personal housing rental

    House leasing is not that we can rent it if we want to rent it, or it is not easy for the landlord to rent it to anyone. It needs a certain rule to pay taxes. In fact, many people do not know that they are renting a house in daily life When you pay taxes, how do you calculate the lease of a house?