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  • Who can give me the model land use right sublease agreement?

    Party A (lessor): Party B (lessee): Now, after full negotiation between Party A and Party B, the following rental agreement has been reached to guarantee the following: I. Location of the house: Area: Attachment: II. Lease period: years, That is, the date of the month to the month of the third month, rent and payment time: monthly yuan, pay once a month, pay first and then live, of which the first payment yuan, paid before; the second payment yuan, paid before Qing, and so on. four,...

  • What are the specific contents of the house free use agreement? What is the model of house use certification?

    Editor's note: Proof of use of the house is involved whether we buy a house or a seller. So what does a house use certificate look like? has provided you with a template for proof of house use, hoping to help you. House use certificate template Party A and Party B. After friendly negotiation, the house has reached the cost of free house use and use agreement. Article 1: The house is located, the ownership, the area Party A leases are located in Chaoyang, Chaoyang District, Beijing ...

  • Who owns a model purchase agreement for a small property right?

    The model contract for the purchase and sale of small property houses is as follows: Buyer (Party B): ID card number: Both parties A and B shall enter into the following clauses of the contract on the basis of equality and voluntariness on the subject of house purchase and sale, so as to comply with them. I. Party A will voluntarily place the house (building area _________ square meters) of its village card room in a certain city ___________ district __________________________ in RMB _...

  • Sample Real Estate Division Agreement

    Real estate division agreement agreement person: ×××, male (female), 19 ×××× month ×× day born, currently living ×××××××××××××× ×××, male (female), born in 19 ×××× month ×× day, currently living ×××××××××××××. ×××, male (female), born in 19 ×××× month ×× day, currently living ×××××××××××××. (Family members: marriage, in ...

  • Who owns the template of the purchase agreement? Is the purchase agreement legally valid?

    Party A (seller) of the house sale agreement: ID card number: Phone: Party B (buyer): ID card number: Phone: Party A and Party B agree on the following terms of the house sale and purchase agreement: Party A voluntarily Sell the building located in the ________ district of the city of __________________ to Party B. 2. The two parties agreed on the above real estate and ...

  • Who knows how to write a house purchase agreement? Who has a template?

    Party A of the partnership house purchase agreement: ID card number: Party B: ID card number: Party C: ID card number: In view of the fact that the three parties A, B, and C jointly purchase the house, the three parties have negotiated on an equal and full basis, with joint investment, mutual benefits, The principle of shared risk, reached on the matters related to joint investment to buy a house and related matters such as ...

  • Model Sublease Agreement

    Model Sublease Agreement.

  • Example of Tianjin Housing Sublet Agreement

    [Abstract] The parties to the contract: ______________________________________ Subletter (Party A): _____________________________________ Subletter (Party B): _____________________________________ According to the provisions of the “Contract Law of the People ’s Republic of China” and the “Beijing Housing Lease Regulations”