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  • Is there any housing security policy in Xining?

    Yes, there are public housing, low-rent housing, and affordable housing projects in Xining.

  • What are the entry requirements for housing security policies in Dongying in 2012?

    Entry requirements are: within the jurisdiction of Dongying District (except the Municipal Economic and Technological Development Zone and Shengli Oilfield and the University of Petroleum), urban households who meet the following conditions at the same time may apply for 2012 housing security. The per capita annual income is less than 21874 yuan; there is no housing or per capita housing construction area is less than 15 square meters (excluding); has a permanent resident account of urban residents in Dongying District (except for the village committee account) for more than one year. Singles who have reached the age of 35 and meet the above conditions are single ...

  • What are the ways to guarantee low-rent housing in Ningbo?

    For the eligible families, housing subsidies are generally adopted to solve housing difficulties.

  • How to determine the applicant for low-rent housing security?

    To apply for low-rent housing security, the head of household as specified in the "City Residents Minimum Living Security Certificate" (hereinafter referred to as the "low guarantee") or "Weihai Urban Low-income Family Qualification Certificate" (hereinafter referred to as the "low-income family certificate") is the applicant.

  • Where is Shijingshan housing security

    Shijingshan social housing is applied for by the housing security department. The cooperative housing is limited to a single housing area of less than 60 square meters. It is subject to closed operation management and it is forbidden to rent, sell or lend. When a resident family exits, a government organization will buy it back. Housing construction costs include housing construction and installation costs, ancillary construction costs, and agency construction costs. The specific amount shall be determined by the district and county price departments in conjunction with the housing security management department. Shijingshan Housing Security Department Address: Anise ...

  • What are the ways to secure low-rent housing in Lanzhou?

    The low-rent housing security method combines a combination of monetary subsidies and in-kind rent allocation. Monetary subsidy means that the people's government issues subsidies for renting housing to eligible urban low-income housing families in difficulty in accordance with the subsidy standard for low-rent housing guarantees, and rents housing by themselves. Rent-in-kind means that the people's government provides housing to eligible urban low-income housing families and collects rent in accordance with prescribed standards.

  • Sources of Housing in the "Low-rent Housing Guarantee Measures"

    The government's low-rent housing rental income shall be managed in accordance with the state budget budget and relevant provisions of the financial system. It shall be used for the maintenance and management of low-rent housing.

  • "Low-rent housing security measures" protection methods

    The low-rent housing security method combines a combination of monetary subsidies and in-kind rent. Monetary subsidy refers to the local people's government at or above the county level that grants rental housing subsidies to urban low-income housing families who are applying for low-rent housing security, and they will rent the housing on their own.

  • Changshu City 2012 housing security application conditions will be announced soon

    Rental subsidy coverage extended to all residents of Changshu

  • Haikou's livelihood account book warms people's hearts to form a multi-level housing security supply system

    Opening the people's livelihood account book of Haikou in 2012, a series of data is quite heart-warming: Haikou City arranged 7.751 billion yuan of people's livelihood expenditure, accounting for 70.1% of local fiscal public expenditure; the per capita disposable income of urban residents was 22,331 yuan, an increase of 13.2%. The per capita net income of rural residents was 8,134 yuan, an increase of 13.1%. The increase in income of urban and rural residents outperformed the increase in regional GDP; the 8 practical matters deployed by the provincial government and the 10 practical matters promised by the Haikou municipal government were all completed.

  • City's housing security core: Qingdao plans to build 15,000 sets of social housing in 2014

    As of the end of 2013, Qingdao has solved the housing difficulties of 203,000 households through various types of affordable housing, and the housing conditions of families with low- and middle-income housing have improved significantly. On the afternoon of April 29th, Chief Engineer Xu Zhiyong, the core of the city's housing security, visited the "Online Interview" column of the Qingdao Government Affairs Network and exchanged information with the majority of netizens on the housing security work in our city.

  • News: The city issued the "Implementation Rules of Dalian Talent Housing Guarantee"

    Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Housing, Urban and Rural Construction Bureau that in order to implement the housing security for talents, the city issued the "Implementation Rules for Dalian Talent Housing Guarantee." The implementation rules for housing security for high-level talents, urban development-scarce talents, new employment or self-employed college graduates within the administrative area of Dalian apply.

  • 2014 Changsha City Housing Security Family Income Recognition Standards

    `` Changsha City Housing Guarantee Family Income Identification Certificate "(including" Changsha Low-income Family Identification Certificate "and" Changsha City Residents' Lower Living Security Payment Certificate ") are the proof materials that Changsha citizens must apply for affordable housing. So, in 2014, what are the standards for the identification of household income for housing security in Changsha? What information and procedures are required to apply for this certification? This article will introduce you in detail.

  • Yancheng housing coverage extended to high-speed enclosing street communities

    Yesterday morning, Xiaobian learned from the Municipal Real Estate Bureau that since this year, the city has extended housing coverage to all streets and communities within the high-speed enclosure (Yanxi, Yanxu, and Shenhai Expressway Urban Connection Circle). In order to make it convenient for the people to consult, declare and handle security procedures nearby, housing security windows have been established in all 17 streets and 159 communities within the expressway enclosure, of which 53 new windows have been added this year.

  • Yantai City Issues New Administrative Measures for Urban Housing Security

    The revised version of the "Administrative Measures for the Management of Urban Housing Guarantee in Yantai City" was officially launched. The new "Measures" cancelled the construction and distribution system of affordable housing, implemented a method of reducing or exempting affordable housing rents, optimized the application review process, strengthened follow-up supervision of guarantees, and promoted the sustainable and healthy development of housing security. . The new "Measures" will be implemented from July 15, 2018, and valid until July 14, 2023.

  • Yantai City * District Increases 146 Housing Guaranteed Families to Publicize

    According to the relevant provisions of the “Administrative Measures for the Housing Guarantee of Yantai City” and the “Detailed Implementation Rules for the Application of Housing Guarantee for Families with Lower-middle and Low-income Housing Difficulties in the Municipality * District”, they have undergone the preliminary review, district-level review, and municipal-level approval procedures of the street office Now, 146 applicant families that have been identified as having housing security qualifications in February 2018 are being publicized and social supervision is sought. The publicity period is from February 27, 2018 to March 5, 2018 (7 days).

  • Xi'an lowers entry threshold for housing security

    Focusing on solving the housing difficulties of low-income families is one of the ten real benefits for the people identified by the municipal party committee and government this year. The reporter learned yesterday from Xi'an Housing Security and Housing Administration that at present, the city has started construction of 109,345 affordable housing, 3,800. Low-rent housing will be allocated in September.

  • Lanzhou Housing Security and Real Estate Administration Announcement

    It is learned from the Real Estate Bureau of Lanzhou City that the legal documents already in force by the People's Court have determined that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "House Registration Measures", the house ownership certificate held by the following right holders becomes invalid and becomes effective immediately. House owner Zhu Xiaoming Gansu Province China Youth Travel Agency house is located in Qili, Lanzhou

  • Housing security in the city: Important notice for renting and selecting houses! !! !!

    In the fourth quarter of 2015, the publicity of public rental housing eligibility review and approval was completed on July 11. Please review and publicize the main applicants (or their spouses) of eligible families with their ID cards on July 12-14, 2017. To the Comprehensive Housing Security Service Hall of the Municipal Housing Office (No. 80, Shanguo South Road,