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  • What are the provisions of Article 11 of the new country? Does any netizen know and talk about it?

    Regulations: On January 10, 2010, the National Eleventh Article was promulgated to strictly manage the loan of second homes, and the down payment shall not be less than 40%. On January 21, 2010, the Ministry of Land and Resources promulgated the “Notice of the Ministry of Land and Resources on Improving the Application and Application of Urban Construction Land for the State Council's Approval”, which states that for the application of residential land, affordable housing, low-rent housing, The proportion of small and medium-sized general commercial housing land in residential land must not be less than 70%. ...

  • New Article Five: How should my house be transferred?

    1. If you do not want to sell in the future, you only need to apply for a notarization of inheritance (pay the notarization fee), and then bring your identity certificate, notarization certificate, house deed certificate, etc. to the housing management department to apply for change. A fee of 1 yuan per square meter and registration fee 80 Yuan% 7E2, if you want to sell in the future, it is best to transfer, because the inheritance of real estate sales requires 20% tax, etc.% 7E transfer procedures, fees and taxes are as follows: you and your mother with identity certificate, real estate certificate, etc. to the housing management department to sign ...

  • What is New Article Eight Articles?

    Article 8 of the New Country: On January 26, 2011, the Executive Council of the State Council relaunched eight measures to regulate the real estate market (hereinafter referred to as "Article 8 of the New Country"), requiring the strengthening of differentiated housing credit policies, and down payment for families purchasing loans for second home The loan ratio is not less than 60%, and the loan interest rate is not less than 1.1 times the benchmark interest rate.

  • Does the New Article Five Work?

    Five new nations have little effect. There is still room for house prices to rise. Wei Jing, I love my group. Vice president Hu Jinghui also believes that the "new country five" was introduced in early March, and detailed rules were implemented in April. Significantly improved, the sales area of commercial housing hit a new high in the year, and the confidence of development enterprises was obviously restored.

  • Can the taxation of housing transactions in the details of the "New Country Five Articles" play a role in regulating house prices?

    Researcher Ni Hongri, Development Research Center of the State Council. She believes that the role of individual taxes in the transaction link to regulate income is more direct, and the real estate tax levied from the retention link is more helpful to regulate the supply and demand of the housing market and promote the healthy development of the real estate market.

  • Yongqing Express: Daxing International Airport Positions "New Model of Global Airport Economic Zone 4.0 Model"

    Today's Express: Daxing International Airport Positions "New Model of Global Airport Economic Zone 4.0 Model, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration Innovation Power Source"

  • Bengbu New Second Hospital officially started construction on the south of the city 4.16 prices will rise?

    1. As far as buying a house is concerned, everyone has their own understanding of good facilities, but the hospital is definitely the focus of the focus and has to be considered. Especially for families who pay more attention to health, considering whether the hospital is a major requirement for buying a house or not. 2. Medical treatment is inseparable from the hospital. If you are around or accidentally get treatment in a timely and effective manner, it may provide us with precious survival opportunities.

  • Sun Moon Lake, Mansion House

    — [Jumbo Island, Yongjinghe Mansion] — Inherit the Shangqiu style and charm to create a new Chinese-style oriental mansion. 108-140㎡ by the lake and the moon.

  • Ready to buy a house, "new rules": a down payment may not buy a house unless you buy it in full

    Ready to buy a house, "new rules": a down payment may not buy a house unless you buy it in full