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  • What are the main aspects of real estate law?

    Real estate law mainly involves the real estate ownership system, construction land legal system, real estate development legal system, urban and rural planning and construction management system, real estate transaction legal system, real estate registration legal system, real estate agency service legal system, real estate demolition legal system, and property management legal system. And real estate tax systems.

  • What are the real estate laws and regulations in China?

    Planning Law; Building Law; Land Management Law; Implementation Regulations of the Land Management Law; Housing Registration Measures; Supreme Court's Interpretations on the Trial of Commercial Housing Disputes.

  • Real estate law issues

    The neighborhood committee has legal basis. Your house also has a real estate certificate and other documents, but the nature of your real estate is housing. The "Administrative Measures for Newly Built Residential Quarters in the City" issued by the Order No. 33 of the Ministry of Construction in 1994 stated that if the owner changes without permission, For the purpose, structure and appearance of ancillary facilities of the house, the property management can conduct education of deterrence and criticism, order them to return to their original state and compensate for corresponding losses. At the same time, the "Property Law" stipulates that the owner will change the dwelling into an operating house ...

  • Case Study of Real Estate Law

    The evaluation method is generally to directly find the evaluation company for evaluation, or you can find a larger intermediary company to consult.

  • Ask for real estate law help!

    No effect, the current real estate certificate includes the land certificate.

  • What are the new real estate laws and regulations this year?

    Article 6 (1) Effectively adjust the housing supply structure. Emphasis will be placed on the development of low-to-medium-priced and low- and medium-sized ordinary commodity housing, affordable housing and low-rent housing. All localities must formulate and implement housing construction plans, and put forward specific requirements for new housing structures. (2) Further exert the regulatory role of taxation, credit, and land policies. Strictly implement the policies related to housing development and sales, improve the tax policy on housing transfer, moderately adjust the credit policy with distinction, guide and ...

  • What is the legal nature of the owners committee in real estate law?

  • What is the legal nature of the owners committee in real estate law?

    1. The owners 'committee is the executive body of the owners' assembly. It is a social autonomous organization. 2. China's "Property Management Regulations" does not clearly stipulate the legal nature of the owner committee, but by analyzing the duties of the owner committee, it can be judged that the legal nature of the owner committee should belong to an unincorporated organization

  • What is the latest real estate law?

    1. The principle of public ownership of land in China is owned by the working people collectively, except that it is owned by the state as stipulated by law. The state may requisition collective land according to law, and once requisitioned, it will be converted into ownership by the entire people. 2. The principle of paid use of land The state implements a system of paid use of state-owned land in accordance with the law. Paid use, including term use. 3.Treasure, rational use of land and practical protection of cultivated land ...

  • What are the new real estate laws? Judicial interpretation of the new marriage law: What are the laws and regulations on real estate?

    Article 6 Before marriage or during the existence of the marriage relationship, the parties agree to donate the property owned by one party to the other party, the donor cancels the gift before the registration of the change of the donated real estate, and the other party requests the order to continue to perform, the people's court may The provisions of Article 86 shall be dealt with. Article 7 After marriage, the property purchased by one parent's parents for the children, and the property right is registered in the name of the investor's children, may be regarded as ... according to the provisions of Article 18 (3) of the Marriage Law ...

  • How real estate law manages the real estate market

    The Law of the People's Republic of China on the Management of Urban Real Estate is designed to strengthen the management of urban real estate, maintain order in the real estate market, protect the legitimate rights and interests of real estate rights holders, and promote the healthy development of the real estate industry.

  • California real estate laws and regulations

    The provisions of the rules and regulations are published in the National Building Standard Code in accordance with this part and the building standard, which involves the installation or construction of the building or structure, and does not apply to the existing building, structure, or building or structure is the commencement of construction or the effective date of approval The previous rules, regulations, or building standards, except for the legislation passed by the bill, but the rules, regulations and building-related standards for use, maintenance and change of occupation shall apply to all hotels, motels, apartment houses, and residences, or parts People, buildings and structural support work, rules or regulations, or building standards before or after the effective date of approval of a structure or construction.

  • Home buyers don't understand real estate laws and regulations

    Many buyers are not very familiar with real estate-related laws and regulations. Even after disputes with real estate developers after buying a house, buyers are still relatively passive. Now they are helping consumers in dispute and are more ready to buy a house. Consumers are reminded to crack the "hidden rules".

  • gain knowledge! Count those interesting real estate regulations in the United States!

    Introduction: The policies of each country are different, and the settlement of housing is also different. The Chinese are used to having a house before they have a home, while the foreigners are relatively weak. Let you grow up!

  • Understanding these real estate legal knowledge will make your house purchase no longer confusing

    Under normal circumstances, housing collection will always encounter various problems, large and small, if you find that the house has not yet met the delivery conditions, do you know how to safeguard your rights and interests? Now I will introduce some legal knowledge for everyone in case of need.