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  • Parents give a loan to an unmarried child to buy a house. The real estate certificate shows the child's name, and the loan has been repaid by the parent. Then the married son ...

    The property is not the common property of the child and his partner, so his partner is not entitled to claim the property.

  • Is property name addition valid after marriage?

    can. The first case: the process of applying for a house without a loan is as follows: 1. Bring the original and photocopy of the three certificates (marriage certificate, ID card, real estate certificate). 2. Go to the real estate transaction center in the area where the house is located, and inform the pre-inspection window that you have come to apply for a real estate certificate to add the name of your spouse. The staff at the window will review the submitted materials. Relevant windows. 3, the cost of adding a name to the real estate certificate: 110 ...

  • Only one of the couple has a Shanghai residence permit, and the other has a Shanghai Social Security Four Tax Payment Certificate.

    1. First of all, residence permits have a time limit, although the maximum is five years, but the duration of the residence permit cannot exceed the time limit signed by the work contract, and Shanghai companies generally sign it once a year; then you must apply for each year Once, you have to take a photo, physical examination, and verify. What graduation certificate, sixth-level certificate, and degree certificate must be examined. The cost of the residence permit is 50 yuan, the photo fee is 25 yuan, and the district hospital's medical examination fee is about 120; Academic qualification verification fee 80 yuan once, diploma certificate ...

  • What are the provisions of the 2016 new marriage law on real estate and name

    The house was purchased by one person before marriage. After marriage, the spouse's name also wants to be added as the co-owner of the house, you need to go through the real estate transaction process, that is, by second-hand house transfer or gift. In this case, you must pay deed tax and personal income tax. Taxes and fees. In order to complete the process of adding the real estate certificate, you need to provide the real estate certificate, the market guide price of the house or the evaluation report and the evaluation fee invoice.

  • What is the new marriage law's rules on real estate and name

    Pre-marital real estate, who buys it, who owns it, and post-marital real estate belong to the common property of the husband and wife. If the real estate certificate has the name of the husband and wife, then it is the common property of the husband and wife.

  • Questions and Answers about Real Estate Tax Lease Tax Consultation in Hebei Province

    Real estate deed tax is not a real estate tax. The distinction between real estate deed tax is well understood, but how are the charging standards for a region stipulated, who pays and how to solve a series of issues involved in the change of the name of the real estate certificate, etc. The actual problems are very own Difficult to find answers online. Let ’s take Hebei Province as an example to introduce the document of the Provincial Land Tax Bureau ’s Property Behavior Tax Management Office, which I hope will be useful to everyone.

  • anxious! How do I add my wife's name to my property certificate when I am getting married?

    anxious! How do I add my wife's name to my property certificate when I am getting married? I often see Liaozhong netizens asking this question online. In Liaozhong, most newly-married couples will prepare the marriage room in advance before marriage. In a relationship, the real estate certificate only has one party ’s name, such as the name of her husband. Wait until after marriage I hope there are two on the property certificate