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  • How to split the divorced real estate?

    The property right of the house is determined based on the signing of the contract, not the time of obtaining the real estate certificate. 1. It depends on whether the house was bought before or after marriage. The one bought before marriage is one's personal property before marriage, and the other party has no right to share. If it is bought by one party before marriage, but the name of the other party is added before or after marriage, it is the common property of both parties. 2. If you bought it after marriage, even if it is only one person's name, it is also the common property of your husband and wife and should be divided equally. 3 but none ...

  • It's been a year since I bought a full house. I don't know when the real estate certificate can be processed. I've been waiting for news, waiting for the real estate certificate ...

  • Due to the recent relocation compensation allocated to the real estate, plus the original housing area has exceeded 60 square meters per capita, more than to pay ...

    It depends on the national policy! Chongqing and Shanghai are now collecting property taxes!

  • What is the latest calculation standard for taxes and fees on real estate transactions?

    Hello, the taxes and fees for second-hand housing transactions are mainly the following: deed tax, personal tax, value added tax and additional and other fees. I. Deed tax payment standards: The first set of 90 flats and below, the net signing price × 1%, the first set of 90 flats and above, the net signing price × 1.5%, the second house net signing price × 3%. The deed tax is borne by the buyer and handed over to the Housing Authority on the day of transfer. Second, the value-added tax and additional house is less than 2 years, the value-added tax and additional taxation standards: online signing price ÷ (1 + 5%) × 5.65% ...

  • What is the latest material for a new house to apply for a real estate certificate?

    Buyer's husband and wife's identity card, household register, marriage certificate, commercial house sales contract, invoice, deed tax payment certificate, household chart, apply to the local housing management department for registration. If you are a single person, you need to provide your ID card, household registration book and singleton certificate, and other documents are the same.

  • Official news of property tax levy

    (1) Deed tax. In line with the residential plot area ratio above 1.0 (inclusive), a single building area below 140 (inclusive) square meters (up 16.7% from 120 square meters), the actual transaction price is lower than the average transaction price of housing on the same level Three conditions such as 1.2 times or less are regarded as ordinary houses, and a deed tax of 1.5% of the transaction price of the house is levied. Otherwise, press 3%. (2) Stamp duty. Buyers and sellers pay each ...

  • Things you must know before getting married

    The promulgation of the new marriage law makes people dispute over who writes the real estate name. House prices are getting higher and higher. In order to protect yourself, a real estate certificate with its own name is undoubtedly more secure. So, what are the provisions of the new marriage law on real estate? Under the new marriage law, how is the property before marriage different from the property after marriage? These things must be understood before marriage.