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  • The pre-marital property agreement stipulates that the gift of the property will take effect whether it is transferred or not

    In the first case, if your son goes to the transfer with a notary certificate, the son can freely buy and sell the house when he is an adult. In the second case, the property right is in your name and your son cannot buy and sell freely.

  • How to sign a pre-marital property agreement

    At present, China ’s laws and judicial interpretations have not yet made a clear conceptual description of the “pre-marital property agreement”. The so-called pre-marital property agreement refers to the agreement made by both men and women on the ownership of their respective property before and after marriage. The agreed content may be that the pre-marital property and the respective income after the marriage belong to each other, or that either party shares the pre-marital property and the property after the marriage together, or that the post-marital property belongs to the respective owner.

  • The house was purchased by the man before his marriage, and it was clearly written on the divorce agreement that the house was the man's property before marriage, and applied for economic ...

    If it can be proved that the property is pre-marital housing, the person who has no house after divorce may not calculate the floor area.

  • How can we make a house bought by one party with money saved before marriage become unilateral property? (Except agreement and notarization)

    There will be no good way. If it is not suitable, it will cost a lot more than the transfer fee for the transfer in the future (from the parent's name to your own name), so it is not suitable. The best is to notarize the property before marriage. This will not hurt feelings, notarize your property (house), the property belonging to him is also distinguished, what belongs to you is yours, what belongs to him is his.

  • The husband relocated before marriage, signed a demolition agreement, and received a resettlement house one year after marriage.

    Hello, first of all, whether it is common property is usually determined according to two principles: First, it depends on whether the house is registered in one or both of the names. Second, it depends on whether the property ownership certificate was obtained after marriage or before marriage. According to the above principles, if the house is registered in the name of both parties, it is common property. If registered under one party's name, it depends on whether the property ownership certificate was obtained after marriage or before marriage. If the house property certificate is obtained before marriage, the house will generally be determined ...

  • How to buy a house before marriage

    The two parties can make an agreement, and the agreement should be in writing.

  • How to buy a house before marriage as common property?

    Hello, the agreement can stipulate that the name-adding formalities should be completed in time when the conditions for the name-adding are met, and the effect will be higher after notarization.

  • How to write pre-marital property agreement?

    It can only be agreed between the two parties and signed according to the agreed content. Either by share or by common.

  • How to write a pre-marital property notarization agreement?

    Pre-marital property notarization is the unmarried couple or married couple agreeing on the ownership of the property before marriage and notarizing this agreement. The notary office will check whether the signing behavior and the content of the agreement are true and legal. Effectively protect their legal rights. There are two types of people who can apply for notarial property before marriage: unmarried couples are only one of them, and married couples can also do it, but the agreement between the two parties only involves their own ...

  • The house was bought by my parents before marriage. My girlfriend asked to write an agreement. Later, I divorced because of derailment. She divided the house ...

    No notarization has no legal effect

  • Does the house before marriage belong to common property?

    1. It does not belong to common property because: (1) Pre-marital loan to buy a house, then the house belongs to the registrant's personal property before marriage. (2) The money used to repay the loan after marriage, and the interest in the value added of the house after the marriage, these belong to the joint property after marriage. 2. Legal basis: Article 10 of the “Marriage Law”: a spouse signs a real estate sales contract before marriage, pays the down payment with personal property and pays a bank loan, repays the loan with the common property of the spouse after marriage, and the real estate is registered with the down payment ...

  • How to divide the pre-marital property after the second marriage

    The common property of the remarried couple is separated from the common property of the family. The common property of the couple does not include the personal property of the couple. The personal property of a remarried couple refers to the property that belongs to the individual of the couple in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Marriage Law, or that the property obtained after marriage is wholly or partly agreed by the couple as personal property, or the property remaining after the couple has agreed part of the property before marriage as common property.

  • My husband got a house in Beijing, which is his personal pre-marital property. If we buy another house in Beijing, I will buy it ...

  • The house was before the man's marriage, but the transfer to the woman was after marriage. Is this a common property?

    Depending on the situation, if only the name of one of the parties is written, it belongs to personal property and not to the common property of the husband and wife. The transferee writes the couple's name, which belongs to the property shared by the parents and the young couple. Three provisions of the Marriage Law Interpretation: Real estate purchased by a parent's parents for their children after marriage and whose property rights are registered in the name of the investor's child may be deemed to be only for one of their children in accordance with Article 18 (3) of the Marriage Law. As a gift, the real property shall be identified as a spouse ...

  • I bought a house after marriage, and I paid for the down payment and mortgage. Now I want to sign an agreement with my husband. The house is not ...

  • I want to know if buying a house before marriage counts as common property?

    The house is not the property of the couple. First, the house is not property acquired during the life of the husband-wife relationship. The spouse has invested in the purchase of a house before marriage, and has completed the substantive requirements for obtaining property rights. After you get married, you only get the title certificate of the house, but only the external certificate is given to the house. Secondly, the property cannot be converted into common property of the spouse because of your residence. According to Article 19 of the "Marriage Law": "A husband and wife can agree on the duration of the marriage ...

  • The couple agreed to divorce, and the real estate (originally the name of two people) jointly owned before the marriage was transferred to one of them, ...

    5 years of real estate means that the owner has paid the deed tax payment certificate or real estate certificate for 5 years when buying the house. In this way (5 years of real estate), there is no need to pay sales tax and personal income tax when trading second-hand houses. So you guys aren't actually trading, you still have 5 years.

  • How to write a pre-marital property notarization agreement is reasonable

    Scope of property before marriage: Party A's property includes: an Audi A6 sedan, a wooden processing factory (total asset value of 500,000 yuan), a house (** city ** district ** road *** ** residents Community No. *, an area of 130 square meters), a set of furniture, daily necessities, bank deposits of 300,000.

  • Is buying property before marriage a common property?

    Now many young couples will buy a house before they plan to get married, but after all, the house can be said to be the first property of people, so they pay more attention to the ownership of the house. They are worried that if the entanglement is separated in the future, the new marriage law Buying a house before marriage is a common property? Do you need to sign a husband and wife common property agreement? In order to avoid property disputes

  • Find out what precautions to buy before marriage

    With the introduction of the new marriage law, more people have begun to pay attention to the issue of pre-marital property. Buying a house before marriage, buying a house after marriage, pre-marital agreement, and how to sign the real estate certificate are all particular about. Before you buy a wedding room, make sure these things are clear before you can avoid many disputes in the future.