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  • What is the charge for the sale of intermediaries for first-hand houses far from the bus station? Does anyone know no, thanks!

    Second-hand housing agency fees and related laws and regulations: 1. In order to regulate the price behavior of economic services for the sale of houses and reduce the burden of economic services for the sale of houses, the Central Development and Reform Commission and the Housing and Construction Commission jointly issued the "Notice on Reducing the Charge Standards for House Sale Brokerage Services" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"). The "Notice" stipulates that the house buying and selling brokerage service charges shall be borne by the buyer and the seller or negotiated by the buyer and the buyer;

  • How about Dulux Putty Powder? Is it expensive? What is the quality of Dulux Putty Powder? These days the decoration master pushed me ...

    Welcome to call 4007055111 to 40051, and we will explain in detail the special offers of the famous AD.

  • To what extent is the fine decoration of the house? Can I just live in here?

    Compared to the rough room, the finished room can be counted

  • Where are Kunshan Meijit lamps? how is it? OK? Brief introduction of Meijit: 1. Investor: Meiji ...

  • What is the price and cost of house decoration?

    So how much is a 100 square meter house renovation budget? According to some professional and formal decoration companies, for a house of 100 square meters in general, if the labor and materials are simple, the price should be at least 50,000 to 60,000 yuan.

  • What are the precautions for house renovation prices and costs?

    Nowadays, many people do not know how to renovate or how to renovate after buying a house. At this time, they will ask the price of the renovation. How much is one square meter for the renovation of a rough house? In fact, this is the factor that affects There are many, different decoration styles, and the price is completely different, so specific problems need to be analyzed.

  • Tielimu Taishi chair price and cleaning and maintenance methods

    Iron pear wood, also called ulcer, is a kind of wood that grows between the equator and 30 ° north latitude, and its yield is getting lower and lower. Most iron pear wood is used for shipbuilding, and a small part is used for furniture, such as the iron pear wood master chair. So, what is the price of Tielimu Taishi chair, and what is the cleaning and maintenance method? Let's take a look.