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  • Compensation Standards for Land Acquisition in Weifang

    Article 47 of the "Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China" stipulates: For land requisitioned, compensation shall be made according to the original purpose of the requisitioned land. Compensation fees for cultivated land acquisition include land compensation fees, resettlement subsidies, and compensation for ground attachments and young crops. The land compensation fee for cultivated land acquisition is six to ten times the average annual output value of the three years before the acquisition of the cultivated land. The resettlement subsidy for cultivated land acquisition shall be calculated according to the number of agricultural population that needs to be resettled. Number of agricultural population to be resettled ...

  • What are the compensation standards for rural land acquisition?

    Compensation for land requisition is the department or unit for house requisition, and compensation is given to the land owner in accordance with the compensation standards for house demolition. The compensation items are: land compensation, young crop compensation, attachment compensation, resettlement subsidy, etc. 1. Land compensation fee: economic compensation for loss caused by requisition. 2. Compensation for young crops: compensation for damage to young crops for land acquisition. ...

  • What is the difference between the national expropriation and the compensation standards for occupying rural land?

    The standards vary from place to place, and you are advised to consult your local land department.

  • Who knows the latest compensation standards for rural land acquisition and house demolition in Chengdu?

    This is not very clear, it is best to go to the local authorities to ask in detail.

  • What are the compensation standards for land acquisition and demolition?

    How to get more compensation for demolition? Important note: Do you have to make sure that the demolisher is legal? You can start a conversation! Demolishing companies often use psychological cues to defeat your courage. For example, the government has no house that cannot be demolished! I. Talking skills during announcement of relocation When the demolisher's staff meets with the demolished person to negotiate a demolition agreement, if the legal request of the demolished person (such as the request for property right exchange) is rejected, the demolished person should put forward reasonable claims and patience according to law ...

  • What is the compensation standard for farmers' land requisition?

    I. How does the state requisition rural house sites generally compensate the land management law for compensation fees for house sites: Article 47 of the current Land Administration Law provides for land requisition according to the original use of the requisitioned land. Compensation fees for cultivated land acquisition include land compensation fees, resettlement subsidies, and compensation for attachments and young crops on the ground. The land compensation for requisitioned cultivated land is six to ten times the average annual output value of the three years prior to the requisition. requisition...

  • What is the compensation rate for temporary land acquisition?

    I. Temporary land acquisition Temporary land use refers to state-owned or collectively-owned land that is temporarily used for the construction of the project and for geological surveys, and is no longer used after the construction or survey is completed. Temporary land has the characteristics of temporary use of land and does not change the nature of the original land use. According to the "Land Management Law", there are two situations where you can apply for the use of temporary land: First, temporary land for engineering construction, including temporary mixing stations set up during engineering construction ...

  • What is the compensation standard for state-owned land expropriation?

    Article 43 of the "Land Management Law" Any unit or individual who needs to use land for construction purposes must apply for the use of state-owned land in accordance with the law; however, the establishment of township enterprises and villagers to build houses shall be approved by the collective economic organization farmers collectively Except for land, or the construction of public facilities and public welfare undertakings in townships (towns) and villages that have been approved to use collectively owned land by farmers in accordance with law. The state-owned land referred to in the preceding paragraph according to law includes state-owned ...

  • What is the general price of rural land acquisition?

    Item 1 of Land Compensation Compensation Fee 1. The land compensation fee is a kind of economic compensation paid by the local collective economic organization to the rural collective economic organization whose land is expropriated due to the economic loss caused by the land acquisition. 2. Compensation for young crops The local unit pays compensation for young crops on the requisitioned land due to land acquisition damages. 3. Compensation for attachments The local unit has attached to attachments on the requisitioned land, such as houses, other facilities, because of land acquisition ...

  • What are the shantytown transformation methods? What is the standard compensation for shantytown reconstruction?

    There is no uniform standard across the country. You should consult the local notice or consult the local housing and construction authority. 1. Compensation is divided into two categories: cash compensation and house replacement. 2. There are three types of compensation for house replacement. 1. Provide a certain percentage of replacement, such as the replacement of old and new by 1: 1.5 area; 2. Reset the house to the new price, which is to convert your house into a price, this and the house ...

  • What are the specific land acquisition departments?

    The competent land administration department has the right to requisition land. According to Article 5 of the "Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China": State-owned land used by units and individuals in accordance with the law shall be submitted by the land user to the land administration department of the people's government at or above the county level where the land is located. The government registered and issued a certificate, issued a certificate of use of state-owned land, and confirmed the right of use.

  • My family is from Xiying City, Jiutai City, Jilin Province. I want to know the compensation rate for national demolition.

    Xiyingcheng your housework is Yingcheng's. At that time, my housework was given to the building according to the area on the house photo. My bungalow was 41 square meters, and the building area was 41 square meters. The extra area was 650 per square meter. It has nothing to do with the hukou. My neighbor is not the hukou of Jiutai. It depends on whether your house photo is the same as the name on the hukou book.

  • What are the collective land housing acquisition and compensation methods?

    The compensation method for rural collective land acquisition has not yet been introduced. At present, compensation is mainly based on the provisions of Article 47 of the Land Law and local government regulations. Legal link: Article 47 of the Land Law shall be compensated according to the original purpose of the acquired land. Compensation fees for cultivated land acquisition include land compensation fees, resettlement subsidies, and compensation for ground attachments and young crops. The land compensation fee for the cultivated land acquisition is before the cultivated land is requisitioned ...

  • What are the implementation rules of the regulations on house expropriation and compensation on state-owned land?

    On January 21, 2011, the State Council Order No. 590 promulgated the "Regulations on the Collection and Compensation of Houses on State-owned Land" (hereinafter referred to as the "New Collection Regulations"), which have many loopholes and major problems. Regulations on Implementation of Levy and Compensation, to further improve, clarify and standardize relevant content. The following suggestions are proposed for your reference. Chapter One General Principles

  • What should be paid attention to in Hebei land acquisition compensation standards

    The average compensation for dry land is 53,000 yuan per mu. The paddy field compensates 90,000 yuan per mu on average. The average compensation for vegetable fields is 150,000 yuan per mu.

  • What is the compensation standard for land acquisition in Jiangsu Province

    Requisition of intensive fish ponds shall be calculated at ten to twelve times the average annual output value of the three years before its adjacent cultivated land, and requisition of other aquaculture water surfaces shall be calculated at four to eight times the average annual output value of the three years before its adjacent cultivated land;

  • Compensation rates for rural land acquisition

    Article 22 of the "Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China" Measures For land requisition for national construction, the construction unit shall pay land compensation fees, compensation for young crops and attachments, and resettlement subsidies according to the following standards:

  • New Regulations on Collection and Compensation for Houses on State-owned Land in Lanzhou

    From October 1st, the subsidy standard was officially implemented. A ruler was used to measure the total amount. Except the Chengguan District, which is divided into one category, the other three districts are divided from the second category. Lot types are mainly used to determine the applicable standards for temporary resettlement fees, measure the location of relocated houses, and determine if the lot energy

  • What are the fees for land certificate transfer fees

    Land transfer fee paid: 1.5% of the deed tax and 5 ‰ of stamp duty. If you buy a house from an intermediary, you need to pay an intermediary agency fee of 1%. In addition, if you need a loan, you must also pay the bank's loan fee, including the evaluation fee for lawyers' fees, etc. . After obtaining the real estate certificate, apply for a land certificate. If the land is allocated, you must also pay a land transfer fee (3% of the land price determined by the local government)

  • Ministry of Land and Resources says strict control over land use standards and strengthening supervision and evaluation

    The Ministry of Land and Resources recently issued the “Notice on Strict Implementation of Land Use Standards and Vigorous Promotion of Intensive Use of Land”, requiring localities to strictly implement various land use standards, increase inspection efforts, and strengthen supervision and evaluation of the implementation of standards.