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  • Who can provide a 90 square meter house renovation budget and renderings? Who can provide a 90 square meter house renovation budget list and renderings ...

    The decoration budget has a lot to do with the project you want to install; the following provides a living room budget list for your reference: security door 1.0 set unit price 1090.0 & nb ...

  • What's in a 120-flat home improvement budget list? What's in the budget checklist

    The decoration budget does not necessarily know which ones. Second, it is necessary to know the entire budget, including the project volume, unit price, and combined price of all projects.

  • What's in a 120-flat home improvement budget list? What is the cost of the 120-square-meter house renovation budget list?

    How much is the budget for a 120-flat house renovation; housing renovation (all-inclusive) also requires renovation standards. . . If you want high-end decoration, you need 1500-1600 / sqm decoration. If it is a popular decoration, you need to use about 1,000-1100 yuan / square, which is a general fine decoration. If you want general decoration, use 700-800 yuan / square, it is ordinary decoration. If it is decorated according to 400-500 yuan / square, it is ...

  • How much will it cost on the home renovation budget list? Which great god answers, thank you!

    Before the home decoration, everyone must know how much the specific decoration materials cost during the actual decoration, and then make multiple comparisons based on the actual material price. price. The cost of the specific decoration process, if you do not know much about this, you can consult professional decoration people, they will introduce you in detail. 12 decoration budget rules and housing decoration budget ...

  • What is included in the commercial housing renovation budget list? What does the home improvement budget list include?

    1. The porch and aisle are suitable for aquatic plants or tall stems, such as aquatic rich bamboo, evergreen, rich tree, or tall iron tree, banyan tree, etc., because these places generally have wind, air mobility, and trees With water, it is helpful to maintain the humidity and temperature balance of the room. 2. Living room: Ivy, figs, pitcher plant and ordinary aloe can not only deal with bacteria, small bugs and other harmful substances brought back from the street, it can even absorb even the vacuum cleaner ...

  • Guangzhou housing renovation quotes about how many Guangzhou renovation quotes list Who has ah 75 square meters of second-hand housing, need to install ...

    Are you looking for a quote from a decoration company? The decoration company usually also gives you a quote based on your budget. My sister's house is in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, 80 square meters. I will give you a list of my sister's decoration expenses. Too much, I will send it directly later. Your mailbox!

  • 60,000 decoration 80 square meters house material list The total area of my house is 80 square meters, and we are going to decorate next month, our total ...

    Hello, the paperback half pack is about 32000.

  • What are the costs for the house renovation price list? List of house renovation budget cost quotation list

    When you buy a new house, you must start to renovate. Many people think that the cost of basic renovation is not high, but when the renovation is settled, they find that the price is more expensive. There is a feeling of being cheated, so they are very It is necessary to understand what the price and content of the basic decoration of the home improvement generally can avoid a lot of unnecessary messiness. What does basic decoration generally include? 1. Hydropower installation in the early stage of home decoration, as well as water-proof and moisture-proof treatment; 2. Floor tiles ...

  • Does anyone know that the house is going to be renovated, what brand of switch should I buy?

    It is recommended to choose Qisheng, an internationally renowned brand, and the quality of the product is obvious to all. My Baidu space has a Taobao shop address to connect. You can come and see or post a list. I can help you to quote the price.

  • How much is a house decoration? How much is a house decoration?

    The owners of new house decoration have many questions to consider. The first is the cost. How much is the 120 square meter house decoration? This is what the owners want to know most, and it is also a reference for choosing a decoration company. Due to the different sizes of decoration companies, there are some differences in decoration quotes. Be sure to choose the appropriate decoration company according to the budget to avoid being cheated by the decoration company. The following is the sharing knowledge of the decoration company on the price list of 120 square meters of decoration houses. Home improvement ring ...

  • What items can you save on a home improvement budget checklist?

    The house is about to be renovated, and the renovation budget is the most annoying thing. Everything is to the decoration company, and the purse is tight. If you do n’t listen to the decoration company, you will be confused about the decoration project. I do n’t know which projects must be produced and which projects can be saved. Now let us look at the decoration budget, what is included in the regular budget list.

  • How much is the decoration budget of the three bedrooms and two bathrooms? What should be paid attention to when decorating?

    We will make a renovation budget before the renovation, but many people don't know enough about the renovation budget. * I would like to tell you how much the renovation budget for the 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and 2 bathrooms is, and how we are in the renovation process. What's worth noting. I believe everyone will have a lot of inspiration after reading this article.