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  • Is there a recommended wall toilet with good quality and high cost performance? Thank you!

    Hello, the average price of Yangri Huating is 7000 yuan / square meter, the specific transaction price is subject to the contract.

  • What are the charging standards for high-rise residential properties in Shenyang

    Are there any specific rules for charging standards for high-rise residential properties in Shenyang? What constitutes the property fee? Is there a uniform standard for charging high-rise residential property in Shenyang? Standards for charging property fees Generally, the quality of property services in each community is different, so the standards for charging fees are also inconsistent. Based on the quality of the services provided, the benchmark price basis for property service management charges ...

  • How long does it take to find an expert for Nantong Provident Fund? Local people apply quickly, contact number: ...

  • What tile is cost-effective

    We usually use vitrified bricks for paving the ground. Vitrified bricks are made by crushing rock debris under high pressure. After polishing the surface, the hardness is comparable to that of stone, and the water absorption is lower. Moreover, most ceramic tiles are composed of glazes and tiles. If the material is not good or worn for a long time, the surface glaze will be scratched or peeled off, exposing the underlying tiles and unable to be repaired.

  • After Xiangcheng make up, it is still a high cost-effective hot plate recommended in the depression area

    Editor's note: How many people used to be famous for Suzhou, a Jiangnan water town, Suzhou can always surprise people, whether it is a living environment or a job opportunity. However, after the crazy property market in 2015, Suzhou has become more and more incomprehensible. Is it because of a mega city, housing prices can be tortured to death?

  • Country Garden or Lanzhou Anning to build a cost-effective real estate project

    According to editorial statistics, in 2012 Anning sold a total of 471.75 acres of land, a total of nearly 1 billion yuan. And in the first half of 2013 alone, 7954.05 acres of land were listed for sale, for a total of 1.2 billion yuan. From the data, it can be seen that the land transferred by Anning District of Lanzhou City in the first half of 2013 was nearly 17 times that of 2012.

  • What is tile adhesive construction precautions construction steps

    During the renovation process, we cannot be sloppy about the details of any one thing. For example, during the installation of ceramic tiles, it seems that it is only a small part of the decoration. However, we need to pay attention to details in the selection of materials and the implementation of the process. Like many workers, after many comparisons, they will know which one is better. What other issues should we pay attention to? Let's take a look together.

  • [Country Garden City Garden] The most cost-effective choice in the urban area

    As we all know, the high house prices in the core of the city are nothing but occupying some advantages such as bustling locations, good transportation, and complete living facilities. With the rapid increase of floating population and the natural law of social development, the land area demand for building houses is naturally proportional With the rise, the so-called core of the city's land has become more "tightening". After becoming a scarce resource, it will naturally become "expensive".