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  • How to save money on new house renovation? How to control the budget? Saving money for decoration! I don't know which owner has renovated the house before ...

    One of the ways to save money on new house decoration is to control the large cost of materials and reduce the cost of material loss. Of course, this is a relatively half-package for the decoration company, and the control of material costs should not be unreasonably excessively low, otherwise the quality of the decoration cannot be guaranteed. The second way to save money is to buy materials to find the construction team for construction, but if you are not a professional, it is recommended not to choose this method. If you are not very familiar with this, although it may seem to save money on the surface, it can actually ...

  • Who knows how to save money on rough house decoration?

    For the renovation of rough houses, many young people put money saving first. So, what details should be paid attention to when the renovation of rough houses is the most expensive? It can be summarized in three words: planning in advance, step by step, and conforming to reality. First, plan the roughest house in advance to save the most money. The first thing to note is to plan in advance. What you need to think about in advance, let alone the most cost-effective decoration. With ample budget, consider more about how the decoration is more beautiful, ...

  • How is the house renovated? How to save money on house renovation?

    Look at it online and design it yourself, then choose Taobao or Building Materials Electric to find woodworkers or do your own decoration. First, save money from the choice of materials Generally, the decoration starts from the masonry. The only thing that can save money for the masonry is the money of the tiles. The principle of saving money to buy bricks is: as far as I know, the cheapest wall tiles are glazed tiles with a size of 200x300mm. Of course, the density of the tiles must be required, otherwise cement will penetrate from the back ...

  • How to save money on renovation and renovation of old houses? Seek detailed process!

    Hello, landlord! For a detailed explanation of the process of old house renovation, you can refer to the following: The old house renovation is mainly divided into three steps: demolition, hidden engineering construction, foundation engineering construction, and finally, conventional decoration. I. Demolition mainly refers to the removal of doors and windows, the removal of wall and floor tiles, the removal of non-load-bearing walls, and the removal of water circuit heating. The demolition project seems simple, but it is not simple when it is done. When a decoration owner was doing the demolition of the old house renovation, he found a few directly downstairs in his house ...

  • How to save money on Chengdu villa decoration How to save money on Chengdu villa decoration Does anyone know?

    The best way is to first get a design drawing of your villa, and then find a plumber, waterproof, air conditioner, woodworker, mason, lacquerer, and give them the drawings at that time, but it will be more troublesome after sale.

  • How to save money for secondary decoration of hardcover rooms? What measures can reduce the waste of secondary decoration's hardcover room is the first choice for many buyers who have trouble saving their lives. However, due to problems such as decoration quality and style preferences, many owners have knocked out newly-installed tiles, toilets, wash basins, etc. after buying hardcover rooms. Some data show that the waste of "secondary renovation" of new houses will cause a loss of more than 30 billion yuan a year, so how can we reduce the waste of secondary renovations? ...

  • How to save money on new house decoration? How can new house decoration design save money?

    For most migrant workers, buying a house is the biggest investment in a lifetime. Everyone wants to live in a warm and comfortable home environment. But because the house price is too high now, after buying a house, there is not much money for new house decoration, of course, I hope to save it. So, how to decorate the most ideal home environment with the least amount of money? Today we will share with you some principles and techniques of saving money for decoration. If you are also very interested in this ...

  • How to save money on new house decoration?

    For each family, the decoration of a new house is a big deal. The quality of the decoration directly affects the living experience. Good decoration not only makes people feel very comfortable, but also it is not easy to have problems after check-in. However, many owners are the first time to contact the decoration, and they have no experience in decoration. Below, Laner will introduce the new house decoration steps and teach you how to save money and look good. Renovation 1. Introduction of new house renovation steps 1. Now big ...

  • How to save money on two-bedroom, one-living room renovation?

    How to save money for decoration in a 65 square meter small apartment with two bedrooms and one living room; if you want to save money, you can manage it by yourself. You can only purchase materials. . . Because you have purchased materials and management, you have to save 120-140 square meters, plus you do n’t pay management fees, taxes, purchase fees, profits, etc., you only pay for labor costs. In addition, it is emphasized that short materials cannot be used short and large materials are not used. If it is all-inclusive, there is no need to save money with enthusiasm, because all-inclusive is regardless of how much it is ...

  • How to save money on new house decoration?

    Where can I find decoration materials, coating agents and home improvement materials? You can check the conditions of joining the coatings and the agent of the waterproof material. The investment projects of the waterproof coatings can be viewed on the Juwang waterproof investment website. Today, housing prices remain high. Many people ’s wallets are stretched out after buying a house, and the cost of decorating the house is very small. Therefore, many people want to make their house decoration economical and beautiful. So, how to save the house the most cost-effective, I will introduce it to everyone ...

  • How to save money in Shenzhen decoration?

    Ask someone to design and pay for the materials themselves

  • How to save money on small apartment decoration? 99% are prone to mistakes

    Small apartment decoration is increasingly welcomed, especially the young people who just need to buy a house. So what should we pay attention to for small apartment decoration? How can I save money? Let's take a look together!

  • How Home Improvement Saves Money

    Many people will pay attention to the problem of saving money for home improvement, but it should be noted that not only save money, but also the quality of the decoration, different areas of the room, different ways to save money, the following article will focus on the eight different areas The way to save money will be introduced in detail.

  • How to save money for working class decoration 14 tips to create a simple home (Figure)

    [Abstract] Renovation has always been a topic of concern for the working class, so how can you save money when renovating? The following editors summarized the 14 tips for saving money in the decoration, which are shared with the working class.

  • How to save money to teach you how to buy four decoration materials

    Saving money for decoration teaches you that with the rise in prices, the cost of decoration is gradually increasing. After spending most of the savings on buying a house, decoration has become a burden for many people. Therefore, how to save money has become a secret that many people want to know. In fact, it is not so difficult to save money on decoration. One only masters the correct method, and you can install it with satisfactory results by spending less money.

  • How to save money on decoration

    Then hydropower, things like water pipes, electric pipes, you have to buy some. Don't save it. Then remember where the line goes, and you can make holes in the wall later. For example, LCD TVs are mounted on the wall. The layout of the bathroom should also be considered, such as how big the washstand will be in the future, and the toilet is not convenient here.

  • How to Save Money for Working Class Decoration

    For the majority of white-collar working-class owners, they can spend less for less. I've done my best to buy a house, let alone how much money I can spend on decoration. So, on the one hand, it may be a monthly mortgage, and on the other hand, you are living in a new house immediately. How can wage earners save money on renovation?

  • How to save money for working class decoration 14 tips to create a simple home (Figure)

    With the development of household electrical appliances, there will be more and more household appliances. Once there are new appliances but no sockets, it will be difficult to install them again. You can only drag a mobile socket on the floor. Also easy to stumble.

  • How to save money on the renovation of the old home?

    The decoration of the old house is obviously not in line with the trend of the times, but because some of the old houses are still very good, many people choose to slightly renovate the old houses, so that they can continue to live, but the old In fact, there are also big problems in the decoration of the house.Especially there are a lot of old room equipment that is aging and need to be replaced, so I will start from two aspects of how to save money on the decoration of the old family home and the precautions of the decoration of the old family room. everyone