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  • How is the national standard for housing property fees charged? Someone doesn't know. Thank you!

    In our country, the standard for charging property fees is to provide a guide price provided by the government, and then place prices in accordance with the specific experience level. That is, the country announced a benchmark price for property service fees, which divided housing into four categories: first-level, second-level, third-level, and fourth-level. Base price. The benchmark price of a first-level multi-storey house is 0.95 yuan / month, and the first-level high-rise house is 1.55 yuan / month; two ...

  • How much does a flat with a fitness facility cost? Which one is clear.

    They are robbing the owners, they are not providing services. This is a typical case of illegal property management regulations. According to the relevant regulations of the property management regulations, the property fee per square meter cannot exceed 2 yuan. The elevator fee can be charged separately, but it is the first time I have seen it so high. Garbage clearance freight should be included in the property fee, that is, greening and security are both in the category of property fees, and should not be charged separately. If it was a villa, it might be said differently, but ...

  • I would like to ask you, how much does a guaranteed developer respond to a flat property fee? Does anyone know? Thank you!

    Unreasonable but many small developers do this. There is no good way. It is unreasonable and illegal. You can refuse to pay the property fee and parking fee because it has not been accepted.

  • What is the pool area of the house, what is the plot ratio, and what is the cost of the residential property?

    Floor area ratio: 3.49, high-level public pool is generally about 25%, specific recommendations to the sales office to understand, property costs: 1.8 yuan / square meter.

  • How to calculate the general community property fee?

    If you have a house, assuming 100 square meters, usually the property cost is calculated on an annual basis, including property management fees and energy consumption fees. Property management fee is different for each district. A flat hair meter ranges from 0.8 to 2.5 yuan. It is calculated at 1.5 yuan / m2 (square meter). For a house of 100 square meters, the monthly property management fee is 150 yuan, which is 1800 a year. RMB (150 yuan / month * 12 months). The energy cost is generally the first point than the property cost.

  • What services are included in the community property fee? How is the property fee charged?

    Calculated according to the building area of the owner's house, every square meter, every month, and then multiply by one year, which is 12 months. Property expenses include labor wages, office materials, supplies, equipment, maintenance and repairs, clothing, welfare, transportation costs, bonuses, taxes, profits, public equipment and facilities maintenance, minor repairs, greening, utilities, cleaning, security, garbage Clearance, etc. expenses are all out of the property fee.

  • I want to know when the community property fee will be paid?

    According to Article 42 of the "Regulations on Property Management", the owner shall pay property service fees in accordance with the property service contract. If the owner and the user of the property agree to pay the property service fee by the user of the property, the owner shall be jointly and severally liable for the service. The property service fee of the property before it is actually delivered to the buyer for possession shall be paid by the property developer, and shall be paid by the owner buyer after the actual delivery. In general practice, the property service fee is paid on a monthly basis, because ...

  • How to pay community property fees? What are the costs of residential property fees?

    Community property fees mainly include two major blocks: public service charges and special service charges. Among them, special service charges, also known as property management special service charges, are implemented in clear price, and adhere to the principle of voluntariness. The fees shall be negotiated by both parties. The contents of public service charge service items mainly include: 1. Cleaning and sanitation management. 2. Routine maintenance management of greens. 3. Public security management. 4. Maintenance and management of shared cisterns. 5. Hydropower management. 6, sewage ...

  • How do you charge for the residential property with floor heating? Does anyone know not. Thank you!

    A property management company provides property management services to a user or owner of a property in accordance with a property management service contract. The fees that a property management user or owner should pay in accordance with a property management service contract are called property management fees.

  • Excuse me, how is the general community property fee calculated? How much is a flat?

    The collection of residential property fees should be determined based on the situation of the community and the qualifications of the property management company. The residential property fees should include green maintenance, public water and electricity sharing, sanitation, etc. Of course, if the elevator and pump electricity costs can be charged separately (The specific charging standards are agreed separately), but to be deducted from the property management fee, or the standard charged by the property company should be reduced. In other words, the so-called hydropower booths, if it is in the unit elevator, water pump, etc ...

  • Ziyun Pavilion's property management fee is extremely high! Our neighborhood real estate company's surrounding real estate Gao Linshijia, Sanjing International, Star City International ...

    The 1.68 property fee is really expensive!

  • Excuse me, does the residential property fee include elevator fees?

    According to the "Measures for the Management of Real Estate Service Charges", the above-mentioned fees are included. Article 11 of the "Administrative Measures for the Charge of Real Estate Services": In the case of implementing a contract system for real estate service fees, the composition of real estate service fees includes the cost of real estate services, statutory taxes and fees, and profits of real estate management enterprises. Where a system of real estate service fee remuneration is implemented, pre-received real estate service funds include real estate service expenditures and remuneration of real estate management enterprises. The cost of property services or property service expenditure constitutes a general package ...

  • Hello, please inquire: Does the greening rate have anything to do with the community property fee? Does anyone know, thanks!

    The greening rate is an inaccurate and non-standard term, and the accurate reference should be "greening coverage". Green coverage refers to the ratio of the sum of the vertical projection area of greenery to the area of the plot. Relatively speaking, it can be counted as a green area, so the green coverage ratio is generally higher than the green area ratio. The ratio of green area [1] within the planned construction land area of the project to the planned construction land area. However, the greening rate is only an overview used by developers to publicize the greening of real estate ...

  • What are the fees included in the community property fee? What should their property do?

    According to the "Measures for the Management of Real Estate Service Charges", the cost of real estate services or the composition of real estate service expenses generally include the following parts: 1. Salaries of management service personnel, social insurance and welfare fees drawn according to regulations; Daily operation and maintenance costs; 3. Cleaning and sanitation costs in the property management area; 4. Greening and maintenance costs in the property management area; 5. Costs of order maintenance in the property management area; ...

  • What is the property fee for a community with underground parking? Does anyone know, thanks!

    Look in your residential occupancy manual, there is usually a detailed list of property charges, if there is, you need to pay. If you don't have to look at the type and construction of the garage. If it is the one unified in a large garage, you need to pay the property fee. What you pay for the parking space is the money in that place, and the maintenance of the property in that place needs to be paid. So most are reasonable. A security guard is placed at the entrance, belonging to a crossed parking lot in the underground parking garage. I bought it myself and the area is also ...

  • How much is a high-end residential property fee generally a year? How much is expensive?

    What does the property fee include? 1. Management fee In the property, the management fee refers to some management service fees such as inspection, inspection, property maintenance, and renewal fees of the property staff for account management, property file information, and other management services. 2. Cleaning costs and management costs of greening maintenance costs Cleaning costs refer to the environmental cleaning costs of public areas, including: tools, staff supplies, waste transportation, and septic removal, etc. Greening maintenance costs include: greening tools ...

  • Excuse me, will the property fees for the community with fitness facilities be more expensive?

    If it is a new community, the local government will urge the developer to install the fitness equipment. The maintenance company will be responsible for the maintenance. After the warranty period, the property company will be responsible for maintaining and ensuring safe use. After the warranty period, it can be maintained by the property company. You can install the fitness device personally or by donating. You must report to the local government Civilization Office for approval to build. Generally speaking, the principle of who builds and who is responsible for the production ...

  • How do I collect property fees in the residential area, are they consistent with national standards? Thank you!

    The property fee is different for each district, there is no standard, apartment, office building, main house. The property fee for high-end residential areas can be 7-8 yuan, and the relocation housing can be as few as 1 yuan. The six-story board and high-rise property fees are also different.

  • Why do you pay so much for the community property fee?

    Sometimes you will complain why the property fee to be paid each year is as few as several thousand and as many as tens of thousands, but there are no major changes in the community. What kind of money is spent? According to the `` City '' issued by the State Planning Commission and the Ministry of Construction The Interim Measures for the Charges of Property Management Services in Residential Communities.The cost components of property management fees in residential communities include the following items: (1) Salaries of management service personnel and

  • What are the general components of property costs? Detailed explanation of charging standards for Nanjing residential property

    Editor's note: The property fee is charged according to the property management method charging documents, but the areas are different, the charging standards according to the property qualification level are different, and the property fee is different. I compiled the composition of the property fee for you and the standard for charging the property fee in Nanjing.