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  • Poly Lugu Linyu has been closed since February 21, 2013. All entrances and exits in the community have been closed.

    The owners must unite to protect our owners' own interests because we are paying a high price but ca n’t get the corresponding services The service of this property is poor, the health is very poor, the elevator is often problematic, the environment in the community is poor, the security is not in place, and we have charged our owners a high price, but we cannot enjoy high-quality services.

  • Beijing apartment property management fee collection standards?

    There is no specific standard, but it is definitely more expensive than ordinary residences, and lower chambers of commerce are more expensive.

  • Are the standard management property fees charged by property management companies expensive?

    Property management charges are generally based on government services, government guidance prices, and operator pricing based on the nature and characteristics of the services provided. Property costs generally include management costs, house equipment operating costs, security costs, cleaning costs, maintenance costs, etc. Our property fee collection standards are divided into four standards: first, second, third, and fourth. However, the charging standards for each place are a little different. The specific standards for charging property fees should be announced according to the local price bureau. These four standards ...

  • How to calculate the property management fee? How to calculate the standard property fee

    2018 property fee charging standard: the first-level charging standard is 1.00 yuan / month. Square meters (including taxes and fees) [basic conditions] the community is closed; there are no less than 3 ‰ of the total residential building area of the property management services; The greening rate is above 35% (including the water surface); the greening and leisure activity center and venue is more than 1500 square meters; the fixed activity venue is more than 300 square meters; the dedicated fixed parking berth is 1/3 households; .

  • What are the costs of property management fees? Composition of property fees, what are the property fees and what are the charging standards?

    Property management fee items (1) Maintenance costs of public properties and supporting facilities, including external walls, stairs, pedestrian corridors, lifts (escalators), central air-conditioning systems, fire protection systems, security systems, television sound systems, telephone systems, Power distribution systems, water supply and drainage systems and other machinery, equipment, machinery, equipment and facilities; (2) Salaries for employing management personnel, including wages, allowances, benefits, insurance, clothing costs, etc .; (3) Public utilities .. .

  • What is the standard for charging real estate service fees?

    I. The preliminary property service is that the developer signs the contract with the property service enterprise to substantiate the owner or the industry commission to authorize him to provide property services to the owner (because the industry commission has not yet been established and no hiring decision has been made), the agreed property service items, Service hours, standards and charging standards are subject to relevant laws, regulations and regulations. 2. Article 36 of the Property Management Regulations stipulates that property service enterprises shall provide corresponding services in accordance with the provisions of the property service contract. three,...

  • What is the decoration management fee? Under what conditions?

    Generally, regular companies charge project management fees and pay them together with the decoration. However, the fees charged by different companies are not the same. You can ask the decoration company for details.

  • What is the standard for charging property fees in Beijing

    What is the property fee? The standards for charging property fees vary from place to place, so what does the standard for charging property fees in Beijing look like? Let's find out together. Beijing property fee collection standards First of all, we should clarify a concept, that is, what is the property fee. The property fee is that the property owner and the user entrust the property management unit to the housing construction and its equipment, public facilities, greening, sanitation, transportation, and public security in the residential area ...

  • How does housing reform pay property management fees? Housing reform property charge standard

    Housing reform refers to the product of the reform of the urban housing system implemented by the State Council in 1994. It is a transitional policy in which China ’s urban housing has changed from the previous unit allocation to a market economy. It can now be called public housing purchased.

  • How much is the standard for charging property fees? What is the tax rate for Shanghai property management fees?

    [Abstract] How many people can know the standards for charging Shanghai property fees? What is the tax rate for Shanghai property management fees? In general, the issue of property charges mainly involves the determination of the charging standards and the cost composition.

  • How much do Shanghai property fees charge?

    How many people can know the Shanghai property fee collection standard? In general, the problem of property charging mainly involves two aspects: the determination of the fee standard and the composition of the fee. The Shanghai property fee collection standard is mainly based on the "Measures for the Management of Real Estate Service Charges" stipulated by the Ministry of Construction. The real estate service charges should distinguish between the nature and characteristics of different properties and implement government-guided prices and market adjustments.

  • What services does property management offer? What does the property fee include?

    Since the owner of the community has signed a property contract with the property company and paid the property management fee, it means that he can enjoy the property management services. If the default of the property results in the loss of your own property, you have the right to claim compensation from the property. So what do property management matters include?